The Orange Fox [ COMIC ]

Before anything else, I just want to say that while I really liked the previous comic I am glad to no longer see it on the main page. With the image being over 2000px high it really pushed the main content well pretty far down the page. Still, I did like it regardless.

As far as Dora the Explorer…Let’s just say as a parent of two little girls I’ve seen more than enough of that cartoon to last me a lifetime. And as such, I find the Saturday Night Live: TV Funhouse: Maraka and Mittens parody of it downright hilarious.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I made sure to include the Maraka and Mittens video below.

Maraka and Mittens


  • Ryu

    “I swear I thought of that ‘Sniper no Sniping’ thing before. The Swiper thing is rife with stuff to joke about, good choice for the joke.”

    • Ryu

      “As an addendum: I don’t get SNL, it’s like they have no concept of subtlety or intelligence in humor. That entire skit was just painful, it’s like they think if they try really hard to be not subtle or funny, it’ll loop back around and be funny. Sadly, no, ‘So Bad It’s Bad’ applies.”

      • Mr Rigamortis

        To be fair, SNL’s TV Funhouse are usually pretty funny (The Ambiguously Gay Duo, for example). This one was pretty damn painful, though.

        • Have you ever seen Dora the Explorer? This is that much of a spot on parody. That show is just as painful to watch. Which is why it’s brilliant.

  • Keenan Green

    Oh, god. My friend Steve came up with this 2 years ago. Never figured anyone else would have come up with it.

  • David Herbert

    Poor sniper, he just wants to kill them.

  • Tic

    Hmm I knew i’ve seen this joke before.

    Yours is better though :)

    • I was going to update the link of your comment to go to Stick’em Up Comics, but they’re no longer around anymore.

      After I posted the comic, I have since seen a couple examples of variations with the “Sniper, no sniping!” phrase in them. I look at it like Your Princess Is In Another Castle trope. Even with a similar starting point not all jokes are exactly the same or even have the same premise. I even did a post about this exact thing back in June of last year.

  • Josh R.

    I thought of that around the time Halo first came out. I’m sure a lot of people did. This is however the first time I’ve seen somebody use this idea. I’m very happy to see it.

  • JackVanElraton

    I would joke about this with friends, but many wouldn’t get it. Guess many of them don’t have younger sisters or kids of their own. However, I would end it with “Sniper” still sniping and Dora saying, “Oh, man…” before dying. Fun stuff.

  • LOL.

  • Hysteria98

    heh, an animator from Newgrounds did it the best.

    It as his contribution to the Metal Gear Solid collab, looked literally like the same people who animate Dora had animated snake, twas good.

  • Josh

    Hulu site doesn’t work, not in US.


    • Sorry about that. I tried to find another version of it to link to, but NBC/Universal is pretty tight when it comes to displaying SNL content on other websites. I found one version on YouTube, but it was so horrible it’s barely worth even mentioning. Sorry.

  • bellboy

    There was a Metal Gear version of this joke in a collab on Newgrounds (or rather THE collab), the second skit I think.

    Snake: Can you you say “Metal Gear”?
    Snake: Very good!
    (laser sight)
    Snake: Sniper Wolf, no sniping!

  • Huh

    Wish sniper would have shot her! I hate that show it’s beyond pointless and I will never allow my kids to watch it.

  • As the father of a young girl, now 5, I’ve come to appreciate Dora humor on a level that defies all reason.

  • Kyono

    I nearly missed the joke. Nearly. Now I need brain bleach to get rid of it again. God that show bit.

  • Shaolin Dave

    I used to be “Sniper the Fox” on Counter-Strike and Firearms. Changed my name years ago.

  • Jeremias

    I made this joke with my friends before! It always makes a great laugh :D

  • Ryu

    “There is, what I think, a lot of Dora hate here… Now this isn’t to say I like Dora, but seriously, it’s like were expecting something better from a kids’ show… Kai-Lan, Sesame Street, Barney, Teletubbies, they all suck, and the great thing about all of them, is they prompt some pretty amusing jokes. Well, at least Dora and Sesame Street have in my experience.”

    “On a random note: Trying to remember all the kids’ shows I possibly could, I came across Big Comfy Couch in my memory. That show may be the only kids’ show with a redeeming value, in that, as a kid, a cute girl in a clown costume doing yoga could turn a common fear into a strange fetish.”

  • Falos

    In a snipe-loaded gaming world, it’s a pretty natural thing to come up with. Rather, it’s hard NOT to. This is a nice rendition though.

  • Soma Cruz

    Sadly i already saw this exact joke in a metal gear solid collab on new grounds it just used different cahracters >.>

    • Soma Cruz

      I need to learn to spell lol