Best Laid Plans [ COMIC ]

The PC company BGameBox has changed the name of its “ryoujoku” (rape) category to “Platinum category” and its “choukyou” (sexual training) category is now called the “Thoroughbred category” [source]. Is this what we do now, rename something bad and that makes it okay? “No honey, I wasn’t cheating on you. I was sexually outsourcing myself to for the benefit of others.”

Personally, I couldn’t care less if these type of games exist or don’t exist. If we’re allowed to play a game where a person grabs a gun, carjacks a person, runs over pedestrians, solicites a prostitute and then murders her to get their money back. Then, why can’t we have a game were someone gets raped? You say because it’s both morally wrong and illegal? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t murder, robbery, reckless driving and prostitution (in most places) illegal as well?

To me and most everyone else in the world it’s just a game. We know that we’re not really killing anyone. And in the case of Rapelay, not really raping anyone either. I’m also not on the side of the discussion that believes video games make people more aggressive and cause them to act out what they’ve done in the game. Of course there are exceptions to the rule. But hell, there are people who get aroused by seeing a bloody corpse get shat on. That doesn’t mean it’s the norm. Plus, we don’t know how many people play these type of games and use them as an outlet to act out their bizarre fantasies instead of committing the illegal activities in the real world. I’d like to see if there is a study and/or statistics about that somewhere. Hmm…

On another note, the previous comic was Tales from ConnectiCon ’09: Part I. Today was originally going to be Part II. But after reading the article that today’s comic was based on  in Kotaku on Tuesday, I decided to postpone Part II until Monday. Prepare yourself for Monday Mookie!


  • The Anarchyz

    In my country, channel 2 (TVN) renamed a soap called “Sin senos no hay paraiso” (Without breast there’s no paradise) to “Sin ellas no hay paraiso” (Without them there’s no paradise) because some irrational pricks thought that the kids would be scarred for life (please) … What Bill Maher predicted for America is now spreading across the world, what’s next? we listen to the Ayatollahs?…

  • David

    That reminds me of the South Park Movie: “Violence is okay, but if you say naughty words you are in for it!”

    Or something like that.

  • I honestly think that most people’s reaction to stuff like this would be, “That’s just wrong.” (whether or not they use the word “just” is optional) Most people really wouldn’t spend the time dwelling on it.

    This reminds me of another South Park statement, “What’s wrong, you got sand in your vagina?”

  • Cossit

    “9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape”

  • Z3rG

    ‘Most teenagers who have been involved in a shootout it has been discovered, possessed some form of console which experts argue helped contribute to their violent outbreaks.’ -Generic paraphrased quote that gets thrown around a lot these days.

    I’m sure if these moron experts looked hard enough, they’d also notice that most of them also possessed a fridge, a bathroom and even a mobile phone, but did any of these items help contribute to their crazy killing sprees?

    My point is that owning a console is such a common thing these days that the statistic is pure bull honkey. In fact teen violence has DECREASED over the last 10 years. Now which particular entertainment industry has seriously undergone many advancements over the last 10 years again? Perhaps one of a particular interactive- entertainment variety?

    Take THAT Hilary Clinton.

  • A.L.

    To be honest,even though I’m not too keen on a rape game,I wouldn’t mind checking it out and it really isn’t a big deal considering that Rockstar Games has built an empire on allowing people to run over people and beheading a hooker after having sex with her.Doing stuff like that on game seems more feasible and rational than somebody actually doing for real.And yes, there are people that get the giggle shits because they have always wanted to do something like that,but I rather it be on a game than in real life.

    This stuff has been brought up for movies as well,but not in the same severity as videogames.

  • Joe

    Umm, don’t you mean “couldn’t care less?”

  • Lord Shplane


  • redditor

    Well said, I am instantly a fan on your comic! welcome to lots of reddit viewers!

  • Opblaashaas

    Some people are discussing that fetish-stuff for ages now on hongfire.
    Especially search on guro, some person explains why he watches it and what makes him not do it IRL.

  • gelugon2105

    Rather than renaming categories for clearly pornographic games, sites ought to code their pages better to hide them from viewers/users who are not actually searching for these. In fact, I would think it’s easier to lump all these adult categories under one major category, which is, well, ADULT.

  • puttingmynameherewouldbeabadidea

    Illusion renamed the category simply to hide it from people who want to bring them down. I can guarantee they won’t be changing their business practices, just pretending to so they can keep bringing us the games we love to play.

  • ZombieJ

    I’ve actually played the Rapelay game. I’ll say the same thing i said when i first played it. If they would change the name of this game, and market it as an “Adult Film Star Simulation” it would be wildly successful. There aren’t any “violent” scenes in the game, nor does it ever even mention you “harming and forcing” the girls into the scenes.