An Awesome Tribute [ VIDEO ]

There’s actually a whole bunch of these in the Awesome Tribute over at Newgrounds, but Final Fantasy Awesome I was by far my favorite.

source: Newgrounds


  • MindTricked

    I’ve always been irked by these games: They want you to save the world, but you get to pay them for the privilege.

    “I have this awesome spell that will lay low your enemies and save our world!”

    “How much?”

    “More than YOU can afford, sucka! Go grind some rats!”

    “But the world is going to END!”

    “Ah well. We all die, or I get rich. I win, either way… sucka!”


    • Mr. Cadaver

      It’s a ploy set up by shopkeepers to exterminate all the giant rats of the world.

    • Ryu

      Run around your nearest shopping mall and declare yourself the world’s savior, see if you get a discount. In most RPGs, only a few people recognize the ‘chosen ones’ as chosen ones.

  • BigLord

    The best thing about that video? DAT SONG IN THE CREDITS

    • I’d like some pound cake!

      • Nomotos

        Blanka made pound cake!!