Merry Fukamaru Christmas [ COMIC ]

Just in case you didn’t know Fukamaru (フカマル) is the original Japanese name for Gible.

Only two more days until Christmas. And as such, I decided to do a Christmas themed comic. Poor, poor Sudowoodo. I had a fun time creating this comic and I’m happy that it didn’t take as long to finish as I expected. That’s always a plus.

Well, since I really got nothing more to talk about… I’ve got a question for the comment section. What game are you really hoping to get for Christmas this year? I’m curious to see if the responses will be all over the board or pretty standard.

Oh, yeah… Happy Holidays!


  • D: But Sudowoodo is a rock type!

    • Why do you think he’s still intact in the fire place?

      Still, he’ll burn inevitably ;)

      • Capt. Freeman

        But it’s dead in the fireplace

        • Kyree

          And even if we wanted to save Sudowoodo, how would we do that? Pour water on the fire. But wait, water hurts him, too. Gah!

        • All the snow on him melted as soon as he got in the fireplace. It was Super Effective!

  • David Herbert

    Poor Sudowoodo, he was a great help for the ghost gym my first run through Gold.

  • Lorgoth

    My birthday is just a few days before christmas, and I already got the game I wanted the most (Epic Mickey), but I would still like to see a copy of Super Scribblenauts come the big day.

  • Brandon

    Games I hope to get for Christmas? I’m a budget gamer so that depends on what the Steam sale produces each day :-D
    Already picked up Assassin’s Creed 2 on the cheap. Any suggestions on a good RPG for the PC… that’s not made by Bioware since I already have all of those?

  • Triaxx2

    I’m kind of hoping to find Force Unleashed 2 for the Wii under there, but since I know everything I’m getting, I doubt it’s going to arrive.

  • Jack Catalyst

    In terms of video games I’m not really looking at anything particular atm. I picked up Reach but the rest of the video game season has been kind of bland for me. Looking forward to Two Worlds II when that finally gets released in the US.

  • Tery153

    I’m not asking for a game. I’m asking for gift cards so I can go and see what I can afford…
    Probably not much…

  • Moose

    @Brandon While it’s not your typical RPG, try the Bprderlands GOTY edition. or Torchlight for your pre Diablo 3 fix. Both will satisfy the loot whore in all of us.

    Personally I’d like Fallout: NV, but I’m waiting for the GOTY edition. Though the final Borderlands DLC on sale on Steam would be nice. But with all the crazy Steam sales, I have a backlog of unplayed games, so I have most of what I would want.

  • Shadow

    i was hoping to get Birth by sleep, or hoping if anyone in my family picked up the hints of gettting me person a4

  • CSX

    I already got the game I wanted for christmas at the beginning of the month so I’m actually hoping for a modest-sized HD TV to replace my old gaming TV. But I haven’t got Fable III yet so that’s very acceptable at this point.

  • Anony

    I’m hoping for Golden Sun DS.

    Also, as a side note: did anybody else have a hell of a time loading this comic?

  • Michael James

    I’m hoping to get the new Donkey Kong Country game…

    Also, has anyone else seen the Nintendo booth setup at their local mall? They had hot young girls in nintendo jackets playing the Wii dancing game… It was a little creepy to see all the old men standing around watching them while their kids were trying out the other demos.

  • Collin Jeffries

    I’m hoping for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It’ been way to long since Lost age came out and Golden Sun is to great a series to just end where it did

  • Kyree

    Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is the only game I want right now….this year.

  • Randomgamerdude

    Poor Sudowoodo. I didn’t like him in Emerald anyway, he was hard to catch even with 100 ultra balls. :?

  • Admiral Ackbar

    I’m hoping for Donkey Kong Country Returns and NBA 2K11

  • Thunderclaw

    I’m looking for either Epic Mickey or Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

    • Randomgamerdude

      I should mention that if you get Epic Mickey remember to look for hidden stuff everywhere.

  • Ido

    I want a servant Prinny for Christmas :D

  • A couple games I want. Ass Creed: Bro, Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals, Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition, and a few other DS games.

  • Dagger

    Well, I asked for Fallout 3: GotY for my PS3, F:NV for PS3 (I’m ok with waiting for DLC), and Gran Turismo 5. Otherwise, just needed accessories for my life, like a bluetooth headset for my phone for work, new computer monitor, etc.

  • Doomcat

    Hoping for Starcraft 2, not a big RTS person but SC1 was part of my childhood, i always liked the game and SC2 seems like SC1 when its gone through the gym for about 11 years and come out a body builder XD

  • Devin

    I’m hoping that I get to see my grandparents for christmas…all you greedy people and wanting games….also a Ipod touch 30GB would be nice :P

  • Rockrono

    [not much] hidden South Park reference? :P