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But they don’t ban Cloyster’s IP. I call that reverse sexism.

Just in case you’re wondering, the Pokémon in the comic are Chatot (logo only), Lickilicky, Clefairy, Pururiru (female version), Igglybuff and Jigglypuff. Decided to use the new female trainer, White, from Pokémon Black and White, as well.

You know, it’s only about another month and one week before the rest of the world (The game was released in Japan back in September of ’10) gets a chance to play it. Excited? I know I am.


  • Eagle0600

    Reverse sexism? Sexism is sexism, no matter where the discrimination lies.

    • Not arguing the validity of your claim. But reverse sexism is an actual term.

  • Jarrett

    I’M EXCITED!!! On another note, I can’t tell if jigglypuff is mad from being the keyboard desk or having the ip ban.

    • I’d like to think it’s a combination of that and that everyone is touching him, as well. Jiggly needs his personal space!

      • Chaos

        Hit the deck, he’s got a sharpie!

        I still have that episode on fuckin’ VHS. Hail to the ‘puff.

        • Broketoon

          I recently downloaded the entire first season…and that episode is part of it…so funny…reminds of why I still like the original 151…(and the other 100 or so..)

  • David Herbert

    Jigglypuff is always so cute.

  • odderz

    The Cloyster comment was genius.

  • Chetoos

    I am pretty sure that jigglypuff is shiny

  • SumRndmPokéTrnr

    I… want… that… CUTE JIGGYPUFF!!!!!

  • Randomgamerdude

    I have to get that game…right after I beat Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded on my fifth day. :D

  • bidoopoo

    “But they don’t ban Cloyster’s IP. I call that reverse sexism.” – Steve “5% alcohol by volume” Napierski

    That’s because everybody can stand to look at a nice hairless clam every now and again.

  • Wah

    The new female trainer its hot

    • lulz

      34 on that chick?!

  • Gothic Sora

    I love the jiggly puff