Tetris Movie Trailer [ VIDEO ]

Would you prefer the sound of your impending doom to be accompanied by “Korobeiniki” or maybe “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”?

source: YouTube


  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Can’t be any more of a stretch on the premise than Battleship was.

  • Dash12345678

    You know it’s a great parody movie clip if it makes you want to watch the proposed movie, which for me, this did.

  • Kouta

    You should watch the Flash movie “One Ring to Rule Them All 3” — check the “Trailers” section and the first option is, IMO, an even better Tetris movie trailer :3

  • PorkRoll

    I can’t believe the gap they left on that office building. Gonna have to sneak a long 4 piece under it…if the damn thing ever shows up in time.

  • I’m only watching if Mayor Squaresly is somehow involved.