Manifest Destiny [ COMIC ]

I have never played Minecraft and God willing that trend will continue. Not because I don’t think I would have a fun experience, but quite the opposite. I’ve got a lot of webcomic peers and friends who have started playing the game and have also become hopelessly addicted to said said. People who by default do not have addictive personalities. I on the other hand do have an addictive personality and would rather not try tempting the fates. Still, the fact that Minecraft Classic is now FREE is rather tempting.

Jen Brazas, the creator of Mystic Revolution and today’s guest strip, apparently has. In fact, I know she has because in the email that accompanied this guest strip, she told me:

Minecraft comic. Because I was dumb and literally built my base on a creeper spawning ground, on top of the thickest collection of caves on my map -_-

See that’s something you just wouldn’t catch me doing. But then again, playing Minecraft itself is probably something you won’t catch me doing either.

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