Mario Party and the Holy Grail [ COMIC ]

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Not a whole lot to say. Its past midnight and I need to leave in less than seven hours to go to ConnectiCon and its a nice nine hour drive. So I don’t really have time to say much, either. I look forward to meeting some of you at ConnectiCon where I will be representing both Dueling Analogs and the outer circle. Plus, Richard Kirsch of Bored and Evil will also be sitting at the table with me, so come see him too.

One last thing, found an article from August of last year talking about the Yankee Group’s predictions for the outcome of this generation’s home consoles. The funny part is when the article states “As for Nintendo, the company predicts the Wii will keep the same roughly 16 percent market share it currently holds by selling 11 million Wiis over five years.”. Since the Nintendo Wii has already sold over 8.5 million consoles [source], that means in the next four in a half years Nintendo will only sell 2.5 million Nintendo Wiis at a rate of 500,000 Wiis a year. Seeing how its still pretty damn tough to get a Wii, I’m wondering what Nintendo is going to do to make that happen. Only time will tell…