It’s Super Affective! [ COMIC ]

Not sure what Tsutarja’s name will be in the English version of Pokémon Black & White. Nonetheless, I love the smugness of this character and felt it was the perfect Pokémon for this comic.

Ah, Yo Momma jokes… I was thinking about two of them while working on this comic. One is still relevant and the other is just full of outdated references. One being: “Yo momma’s so fat and old, When God said ‘Let There be Light’, He first had to tell her to move her fat ass out of the way.” And the other: “Yo momma’s so fat she needs a VCR for a pager.” Seriously, not only is the pager reference outdated but so is the VCR.

Lastly, I can’t type this post without mentioning Scott Ramsoomair’s Pokémon themed webcomic Super Effective… Mentioned!


  • David Herbert

    Ah, will they ever get old? Probably, but they’ll remain for ever.

  • Perceptor

    You spelled “effective” wrong in the title and the text of the comic, though you linked to a comic that spelled it correctly.

    • Yeah, but no. They are two different words: effective and affective. I spelled it correctly.

      • odderz

        But you ARE doing a Pokémon webcomic, and in the Pokémon game series the word effective is used and not affective. Yes, they are two different words, so you did spell it correctly, but that means that technically you used the wrong word…

        Sorry, minor things like that stick out to me.

        In other news, love the webcomic, keep it up and etc etc I love you.

        • Sabbo

          It’s best to think of “effective” to mean something something physical, and “affective” to mean something emotional. So it’s a pun here, and thus that the correct one was used.

        • Ryan W.

          af·fec·tive (-fktv)
          adj. Psychology
          1. Influenced by or resulting from the emotions.
          2. Concerned with or arousing feelings or emotions; emotional.

          ef·fec·tive (-fktv)
          a. Having an intended or expected effect.
          b. Producing a strong impression or response; striking

          The pun is the use of the word affective, causing bidoof to cry, instead fo the traditional use of “effective”. But then a joke isn’t a joke if you need to explain it, right?

          Also, *woosh* right over your head.

      • Perceptor

        Withdrawn. I wasn’t familiar with the “psychology” definition, just with people confusing the verb and adj.

    • BigLord

      It’s because of posters like you that Steve’s twitter is so funny at times, hehe.

      As for the comic, I can completely see Tsutarja using “You mad?” afterwards, KOing the target pokémon.

    • Part of the joke is in the fact that he used Affective vs. Effective, no?

  • LightAce

    Isn’t the health bar on bidoof going the wrong way in the third panel.

  • Hmm I was under the impression it was going to be called a Smugleaf, then again that could just be a meme

    • Miles Tormani

      I thought it was Snobleaf…

      • Smugleaf is only a meme (just as Wotter is a meme for Mijumaru), but it’s a very appropriate name either way.

  • Pecc

    My favourite:
    “Yo momma’s so fat, when she gets in the pool her splash attacks actually do damage.”

  • Female

    For anime nerds, one of my favorite yo momma jokes is thus:

    “Yo momma’s so fat Naruto can’t even believe it.”

    • Dan

      The one I heard back in high school was: “Your momma’s so fat, Goku charges his Spirit Bomb using only her energy.”

  • DeltaOne

    It’d be nice if VGCats was updated more than once a quarter.

  • Minor gripe. Bidoof (and all other pre Gen V Pokémon) are uncatchable in Black/White before you beat the Champion. The Gen V equivalent is probably Minezumi (

    • I think you’re reading to much into it. Bidoof is my least favorite Pokémon and looks like a complete tool so I used it for the comic. Tsutarja looks like someone smug enough to use “Yo Momma Jokes.” That’s the reason they are there in the same comic.

  • randomgamerdude

    Ah…can’t go wrong with a pokemon pun.

  • Richard Kirsch

    My new favorite Yo Mama joke: Yo mama’s so fat, she uses cheat codes on Wii Fit!

  • Chris

    Ohhh boy, Tsuma…stuff is probably my favorite. mainly because that one actually looks like a poke’mon. but smugleaf… yeah, now I have the urge to punch a leaf every time is cracks a joke about me.

  • her0

    His name will be smugleaf in america. It was proven in the screen above scanned directly from Oficial Nintendo Magazine.

    • That still seems like an opinion piece. It might be the truth, but until I see the official names listed of the new Pokémon I will hold off on calling it.

  • David

    I love Super Effective I just wish it updated more often. The idea of retelling a pretty simple adventure game in comic form is a brilliant idea. I’d love to see someone do that with Link to the Past, Super Metroid or even Mega Man X.

    • Jedah

      I agree sooooo much on the Megaman X and Super Metroid

  • Belphegore

    Tsutarjas name is Smugleef. or so I’ve heard.

  • NaruZap

    That would have been a good plug for Ramsoomair if he updates more than once every two months

  • *ahem*

    “Yo Momma is so fat, she was blocking the path and we had to use a pokeflute to get her ass outta the way!”

    • Todesengel

      ONO ITSA ‘NOTHER SNORLAX! Erhm. -Ahem- So. Nice comic. :P

  • Sonnofa

    Replace Bidoof with Cubone for extra effect