Blooper Reel [ COMIC ]

Special thanks goes out to my close friend Robert “Peekaboo” Koch for the idea of today’s comic. I’m a major fan of puns. Groan worthy or not, I still enjoy them. I would give a proper link to his new webcomic, but unfortunately it doesn’t launch until October. But I will make sure to like to it then. Thanks again!


  • David

    Is there a list for international shipping on the site? I couldn’t find it but would love to get a few tshirts you’ve made.

    • It shows up at checkout I believe. I know the prices vary from country to country. The goal is too keep international shipping costs as low as possible.

  • BigLord

    English is not my primary language and I still groaned soundly, but still well played.

    … I like puns too.

  • David Herbert

    Cute pun.

  • Peekaboo

    Neat shirt. Whoever came up with that idea is a genius. Seriously.

  • Brandon

    I think I’d even like to have “Blooper Reel” on a t-shirt. That was quite good.

  • Entamrik

    The comic became twice as funny when I saw one of the ads that said “Wait, what?”

  • Alexie_dennison

    Hahaha, If you love Puns you should read the Book series Xanth by Peirs Anthony if you haven’t already! My boyfriend just bought me the WHOLE set of 33 for my birthday <3

  • randomgamerdude

    That was so “pun”ny :P

  • I think more funny than the pun itself is the idea of a squid coming out of the water only to fish to get something out of the water.

  • Meliai

    I would so wear a blooper reel shirt. Its just so cute and I love blooper!!!!!!