Games I’m glad were never made… #12 [ COMIC ]

Special thanks to Jason and Adam for their suggestions for this strip.

It’s been one month shy of a year since the last “Games I am glad were never made…”. I didn’t realize that it was that long. I’ve always enjoyed making these, but they are definitely coming less frequently than they used to. So are a lot of the other older gimmicks I used to run on the strip (ie: Rejected Mega Man Villains and What if…?). They were all fun and I live to bring them back occasionally, but that’s more for me and the long term loyalists.

Now one series I would love to go back to, if they didn’t take so friggin’ long to create each one, is the Rejected Mega Man X Mavericks. They’re fun… They just take friggin’ forever!

The other one that is currently not a series, but I fully intend on making it one is “How it really happened.” So far, I’ve only done How It Really Happened: Super Mario Bros. I’ve already got another three fleshed out and written, just need to make them. Maybe I will, one day soon.


  • UndeadLex

    I thought the How it Really Happened: Super Mario Bros. was done superbly.
    Toad as the Jamaican really worked, it was just awesome.

    And… I really did lose….

    • Thanks. I plan on releasing another one very soon… At least very soon according to my frame of time.

  • David Herbert

    Honestly, I would so play a game where bread attacked people. Sounds like fun.

    • I imagine that this is more of bread rise and get moldy.

      • David

        I’m picturing Cooking Mama re-imagined by the Crypt Keeper. Lots of puns and lame attempts at gross outs.

        Debt Rising would have been a nice one too. You play Frank West, a journalist with dumped inside Willamette Mall with 72 hours to unfold the mystery of the massive rise in unemployment and debt. Will you make your deadline and save the day? Or will you run out of time, lose your job and turn into one of them…
        That or its just a boring game about writing out your monthly budget.

  • Memory

    I lost…

  • Enepttastic

    Ubisoft kinda did the last one already, or at least that’s what I thought every time I saw the box.

  • Purple Materia

    LOL. Boobisoft.

  • Nuckel

    Once I won the game.

  • Shaows

    Bread Rising – A game in which the gameplay is stale before you even open the wrapper.

  • Jeff

    It always surprises me when you do one of your “series” and then mention how long it’s been… amazing how quickly time passes, I guess.

  • cgoodno

    Wait… you have Boobisoft and Crapcom, but who’s the publisher/developer of The Game?

    • That’s a really good question. I didn’t know who actually invented “The Game” so I wasn’t sure who should develop it.

  • bidoopoo

    One question, does “The Situation” come bundled with the anabolic steroid peripheral, or must it be bought separately?