Games I’m glad were never made… #12 [ COMIC ]

Special thanks to Jason and Adam for their suggestions for this strip.

It’s been one month shy of a year since the last “Games I am glad were never made…”. I didn’t realize that it was that long. I’ve always enjoyed making these, but they are definitely coming less frequently than they used to. So are a lot of the other older gimmicks I used to run on the strip (ie: Rejected Mega Man Villains and What if…?). They were all fun and I live to bring them back occasionally, but that’s more for me and the long term loyalists.

Now one series I would love to go back to, if they didn’t take so friggin’ long to create each one, is the Rejected Mega Man X Mavericks. They’re fun… They just take friggin’ forever!

The other one that is currently not a series, but I fully intend on making it one is “How it really happened.” So far, I’ve only done How It Really Happened: Super Mario Bros. I’ve already got another three fleshed out and written, just need to make them. Maybe I will, one day soon.