It’s Minecraft! [ COMIC ]

I now know what it feels like to be a junkie. I so want to make another comic about the Playstation Network being down. But I already did one comic about it and posted about it separately, as well. So I’m not going to make another comic referencing it. I’m going to be good…

“Very disappointing, Playstation Network. I bet there’s feeble old men who can keep it up longer than you.”

Yup, I’m taking the high road on this one.


  • David Herbert

    Adorable. And so simple I’m kicking myself for not coming up with it.

  • jimfromtx

    Regarding the PSN comment, epic burn.

  • Randomgamerdude

    You couldn’t take the effort to use your own characters, huh?

    • Are you serious or are you just trolling?

    • I’ve been watching you fail at trolling for a while now. Save what’s left of your dignity and stop. You’re embarassing good trolls everywhere.

      • Randomgamerdude

        To both of you, I’m serious. You used the Family Circus characters and at first glance looks like you didn’t even draw it, like you just took an old Family Circus comic and put new text over the old caption.
        To discogranny, would you be so kind as to actually look around the internet and see what trolls…you know…are?

        • Wait what?

          It’s called parody and is best when using the actual source material with minimal editing.

        • Dan

          As Wait What? points out, it’s best to actually use the characters you’re parodying when parodying something. You were accused of trolling because people tend to assume that no one could really be stupid enough to not get something like that.

  • Dan

    Hey look, it’s the only way anything by Bill Keane is tolerable: parodied by someone with actual talent.

    • Thanks. But you’ve got to admit, that’s exactly how he would deliver this kind of joke.

      • Dan

        True, but it’s also the only way he delivers any kind of joke. The man’s a one-trick pony.

  • Chris

    Is it just me or is that something peculiar in his lap near the keyboard???

  • TheCandyMan

    I’ve actually had this happen to me before. Did this happen to you, or did you just notice the potential for a pun. Either way, that’s a cool coincidence.