Buyer’s Remorse [ COMIC ]

I honestly should be getting ready to leave for Intervention in ten minutes, but I wanted to create this comic/post real quick keeping with the this week’s theme of Gaming That May Never Happen.

I’m actually thinking about gathering a full list of games that I own and will never play. Might be interesting to see it all actually written out in front of me.

How long do you think your list would be if you did the same?


  • Rayne

    It depends on if you count games I’ve played for 20 minutes or less.
    I generally play every game I get when I get it. Though I still have 2 games from Christmas I haven’t taken out of the shrink wrap. I WILL get to them someday. I have the time. I just get distracted and end up playing other games. I think I have gamer-ADD. I can’t play through one game before starting another, and another, and another.

  • Tim

    Interestingly enough, mine wouldn’t be long at all, if any. I usually play it at least once upon buying it (namely as soon as I get home). Although the number of games I only play once or twice is relatively long with the number of games I haven’t beaten even longer.

  • I actually just went through my collection the other day, and I pulled each game I haven’t played about an inch out, so now when I look over there, I see all of them staring me in the face. There are *only* about twenty.

  • Actually, there’s a site for that. The Backloggery. I have a list there of all the games I need to get around to playing. It’s so simple, but it’s funny how much it makes me want to work through all my unplayed games. There’s even a nice button that throws a random game at you. That’s how I’ve been deciding what to play next. Played through Shadowgrounds after the system chose it for me, and I enjoyed the game.

  • Chaos

    I usually don’t buy games unless I have enough interest in them to warrant playing. My backlist is either non-existent or really small.

    • Tinq

      I’m in this camp, too. I’ve had games that I immediately returned/traded in because I didn’t like them, but never games that I flat out didn’t play.

  • Crrash

    weeeell, mine would be about 1185 games, expansions and DLC long with a bunch of games appearing more than once usually on different platforms and 481 of those still needing to be beaten. I do usually play at least a bit of every game i buy
    thank god for the backloggery

  • Games that I own but have no time to play – 0

    Games that I missed when they first came out and need to go back and play – Way too many to count.

    • Pie

      So true, particularly with 3D platformers on the N64. After buying Super Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64, I felt like every other game out there was a 3D platformer! But now FPS reigns, and I wish I had picked up a few classics back in the day, like Banjo Kazooie. The regret of having never bought a game is greater than the regret of buying a game you never play; in one you lose out on some money, but in the other you lose out on a childhood of experiences.

  • AgentJ

    I came to this realization not long ago, when my peak was at 300 (100 of which I hadn’t touched). I’ve since sold off about 90 games that I either had played to satisfaction or didn’t care about anymore. Which still leaves a large number of titles that I haven’t touched yet (including the new Deus EX) but it’s at a number now that I’ll be able to reach eventually… I think…

  • ImpofthePerverse


    And I’m just thinking of the Xbox 360 and DS games I have actual copies of…before even going to stuff I have on STEAM or GOG.

  • ThePeebs

    20-25 Games


  • Rabite

    Almost my whole 360 collection (over 60 games), all of my PS3 games (all 4-5 of them), most of my DS/PSP/NES/GB/GBC/GBA/iOS games (too many to count readily).

    I at one point had 3 boxes of NES games (around 150 in each box) of which I had played maybe 40-50. Now I’m down to just over half a box. I will rebuild that collection.

    I’m currently in the process of selling off guides and games on eBay that I don’t think I’ll ever get around to. Already made $1000. Yeah, I think I need to be more careful. It’s especially bad with series like Disgaea where I still haven’t beaten 1 but have started 2 and 3. Then 4 came out a week and a half ago and I’m tempted to pick it up. *sigh*

  • jakjawagon

    I have a spreadsheet for exactly this. I’m slowly going through them. I currently have 92 games that I haven’t finished, of which I’ve started 12.

  • Rumor

    I never buy games I won’t play D: and I sometimes play games I don’t buy :P

    Still I wouldn’t waste money on something I wouldn’t even use =\

  • I know how long my list is. I have a Backloggery page (set it as my website, check it out). Might I suggest you create one as well? That way, you can also compare them to what you have beaten.

  • What?

    My list would be empty. I always play the games I buy. It helps that I don’t buy that many, I have 40 games. Actually I lied, I haven’t played Motorstorm because I hate racing games.

    • Alek

      Motorstorm Artic Edge has a killer soundtrack. Just mute the sfx and enjoy. Try Wipeout as well.

  • i’m must be a freak in the gaming comunity, i set time aside everyday for gaming so i play everything i own.

  • I call those games my “retirement fund.”

  • Alek

    Probably around 300 or something games I haven’t gotten the chance to play yet. When I start a game, I usually play the heck out of it, on the hardest difficulty setting (if I can manage it, if not I take it down a notch) until I discover all that I can using just my own wits. It can take me anywhere from a week to a month (if it is fun enough I might go back for another run + 2weeks). Afterwards I go to gamefaqs and see if I’ve missed something, and if I did I either go back, or watch it on Utub.
    I think I’ve played through a dozen games this year, and about 20-30 the year before. I buy a little more than that each year.
    And yes, it does bring me some measure of joy, this collection of mine.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Yeah, I have a huge list. I’ve got around 100 games for 360. I’ve played about 60 of them til I got tired of them, and about 10 that I started but never got significantly far into, and then the rest are untouched. This is pretty muh the story for every system I own. I typically have at least 50 games for each system, dating back to 1985. It’s really sad.

    But on the upside, I never buy new games. My average price payed for games is under $10, and a lot of the collection I do is to actually collect.

  • Ashley F

    Ahhhhh the joy’s of being a parent. Sadly I now realise that I play facebook games more than console games.

  • Akumavern

    I’m a parent of two, but I just wait until my son goes to sleep. I don’t usually buy games, unless it’s something I know I’ll play. And I usually just wait until Gstapo has them used and play them for 6 days and return them. This way, full refund, and I get to know what I was missing.

  • Kira

    I can’t imagine buying a game and never playing it (or not playing it roughly right away). Usually if I invest in a video game purchase, I plan to play it to death (or however much my free time will allow).

    I used to beat every game I got and get everything in the game, but as I have gotten older, some games don’t have the same wow factor they used to, in that they sometimes end up getting boring by the end if the premise wasn’t up to snuff.

  • Broketoon

    Im like a few others, i buy a game, play it, then tend to not play it again cause others come out that are more exciting.
    Red Dead Redemption haunts me because of this, I NEVER want to play it…but my inner nerd WANTS to beat everything I own, which is true, except for RDR and NFS:Shift…I either dont have time, or dont feel like playing them…

  • Jack C.

    typical consolegaymer problem … they are so stupid they buy every game that’s new and never play it or only for a week.

    • Ah, its a PC elitist troll. Die, die, die.

      Besides, don’t act like you haven’t gotten too many games on Steam because of sales.

  • Bill

    *cough* Roms *cough*

  • Asquian

    I have a horrible habit of buying good games when I see them dirt cheap at yard sales/flea markets. Even thought I’ll likely NEVER play them. I barely manage to make time to play the newer things I get…

    Once in a while, I break free of the crazy and purge some of the collection. But then, it always grows again…

  • Ha, ha This is so true.

  • Zacolyn

    I’ve played all of the games I own, I just have finished any of them and some I’ve barely played at all….so I guess my list would be of games I need to finish….