Why Bowser Fails… [ COMIC ]

I should really change the name of this site from Dueling Analogs to Dueling Analogs Presents a Guest Comic Done By Someone Else. No matter how much I may appreciate the people whom contribute them, it always feels like a cop out when I run one.

Before I rant any further, I want to thank Greg Eales for today’s comic. I do truly appreciate it… just ignore the previous paragraph.

Hey! Let’s talk about something else. How about the fact that I bought a PS3 on Friday? Yup! Now for a lot of you, this seems like no big deal. But for long time readers of Dueling Analogs who have repeatedly read my harsh stance on Sony, this comes off rather hypocritical. Whelp, let’s add more fuel to the fire. I bought it for the Blu Ray player. I thought, well I could buy a Blu Ray player for $400 or $500 or I could buy a PS3 and get the player and the system for the same price. Seems like the better deal. Especially since Final Fantasy XIII is set to arrive sometime in the next decade or so.

I’m happy with the purchase, though I haven’t actually played a game on it yet. I kid you not. I haven’t had the time. Why do you think I’m running a guest strip?

Regardless, new comic sometime tomorrow. And Greg, thanks again.