It’s the Thought That Counts [ COMIC ]

I went by Best Buy last night. Still no Nintendo Wiis (not like I didn’t already own one, bitches!), but there were PS3s. There were a lot of PS3s. In fact, there were so many PS3s that I could have built the ultimate PS3 fort and used this stronghold to conquer Best Buy, its adjacent retail stores and of course Poland.

Enough joking on Sony. I saw a Blu Ray demonstration while I was there as well and it was friggin’ awesome. I’m half tempted to buy a PS3 just for the Blu Ray capabilities. And judging by the selection of Blu Ray discs versus HD DVDs, I can honestly say that I think Sony will win this battle. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

And don’t forget that Monday’s the last day to pre-order your copy of the outer circle: Book 1 and save 10% off of the cover price.