Servile with a Smile [ COMIC ]

Today’s guest strip was created by Jamie Noguchi who is also responsible for the office romance webcomic Yellow Peril and for unleashing the adorable abomination called Puppy Cow upon the masses. He was also the first person to ever create a multi-page guest strip story arc for Dueling Analogs and which ran last year. Thanks, Jamie.

As far as today’s comic goes, it does bring up an interesting point about the relationship between a Pokémon and its “trainer.” Does it really make sense that a free wild Pokémon is never stronger than a captured caught one? How can the humiliation of being someone else’ property, living in a ball and being forced to fight because your master trainer says so, make you more powerful? And why aren’t there any kinds of activists protesting this inhumane treatment of Pokémon? I say #OccupyPalletTown

On an unrelated note, are there any creatures in the Pokémon universe, besides people, that aren’t considered Pokémon?