Epic Mickey [ COMIC ]

Epic Mickey is a new exclusive Mickey Mouse game for the Nintendo Wii [source]. The story of the game is that the forgotten Disney characters of yesteryear, led by Oswald the Rabbit, have grown bitter and spread evil black goo all over the world. Mickey uses paint, thinner and erasers to draw his way through the world and restore it to its former self. Sounds a little like Super Mario Sunshine.

Nonetheless, when I saw the name Epic Mickey the first thing that popped into my head was Epic Games. And which game do most people associate with Epic Games? Gears of War. So I decided to do a piece of Mickey Mouse in Marcus Fenix’s armor.

I wish I had to time to dedicate to making all the comics looking as polished as this one. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time. If I didn’t have a full-time job, I probably could. But that’s neither here nor there. Really hope you guys enjoy how the strip turned out.


  • I’m laughing like a mothafoca here.

    Good comic xD

  • Mister X

    Allow me to be the first to say JESUS SHIT, AWESOME WAFFLES. Expect this to be reposted everywhere until the end of forever, and have idiots deny your title as creator of this work.

  • @Mister X That’s what happens on the interweb. But I’m still the only one with a print quality version.

  • BrokenSaint

    Now why is he not holding the goddamn Lancer…

  • LOL I can imagine an Epic Games and Disney team up… it makes me smile at the thought of killing Goofy and Donald

  • This is absolutely amazing. Stuff like this reminds me why this is my favourite webcomic. :)

    Steve, you rule.

  • Xyverz

    Dude. This is AWESOME! Good work, my man!

  • Xyverz

    Speaking of print quality… I’d seriously consider buying a poster-ized version of this.

  • The Anarchyz

    Awesome comic, Gears of War + Mickey = Now that’s Epic

    This could be a poster for selling in your store (of course if Disney has nothing to say about it)

    Sad that Unreal is no longer the flagship Epic franchise, even when the engine (also used in Gears) is named after the game…

  • A.L.

    No joke,this is your most polished strip,it even looks more like an actual painting.Hell if Disney can let Square bastardize their properties they ought to be able to let Epic do the same.

  • The only thing missing is his laugh at the end. “You know somethings up haha” ^_^

  • The Anarchyz

    @A.L. Square Enix and Capcom (though i have to accept, those games were amazing)

  • @Xyverz @The Anarchyz Even if I didn’t fear the wrath of the House of Mouse, which I do, the image is not poster size. Print, yes. Poster, no. The final image could fit an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper at 300dpi.

  • I was about to say, this looks like something from a new Kingdom Hearts world… but much more hardcore!

  • Keegan

    lol Awesome pic. I’ve seen something like this before though, very along the same lines.

  • Chad Attack

    That’s awesome, you should do this drawings more often and maybe make wallpapers, really cool mickey

  • Just got an email back from Gabe (Penny Arcade) saying, “wow that is really nice!”

  • Truly epic indeed

  • I was certain I noticed the birth of a legend, I guess I wasn’t wrong!

    I don’t care if it’s not a poster-sized image, GIMME!!! :(

  • Mr. V10l473r

    you couldn’t give him the chainsaw bayonet? I demand (politely) a redo…cause that one’s a desktop image! Or is that for Minney?

  • David

    I can’t wait to see the scene where Donald Duck finally gets reunited with Daisy.

  • Xyverz

    Yep, I’d still buy an 8.5 x 11 print. :-)

  • I’d but this print, too. This is top shelf, outstanding art!

  • Buy it, even. Sorry for the fatfinger.

  • Effing STEVE! You’re ridiculous!