Dear John [ COMIC ]

So the new Playstation 3 Slim has finally been revealed. It’s smaller, has a 120GB hard drive and also comes with a smaller price tag of $299. And as an added bonus it no longer supports backwards compatibility for the Playstation 2 like was originally speculated [source]. Isn’t that friggin’ awesome?

Personally, I say, “No.” I understand moving on. Hell, cutting support for the PSOne is a good idea. But there are still brand new games coming out for the Playstation 2. In fact there are a lot of them. So you cut the systems price, but at the same time you cut one of the major perks of your console. You were going to bring back one of the cooler features of the PS3 and at a cheaper price, too. But no… No longer will newer consumers be able to choose between ridiculously priced PS3 titles and reasonably priced PS2 games… Unless they want to spend an additional $99 to buy a Playstation 2 for themselves. Which is basically the price you would have paid for a Playstation 3 that could still support Playstation 2 games.

But honestly, I couldn’t care less. I already have my Playstation 3 and it plays my PSOne and Playstation 2 games swimmingly. I’m just bitching for the rest of you.

One last thing, Shadow Complex came out for XBLA today. Buy it NOW!!!