Dear John [ COMIC ]

So the new Playstation 3 Slim has finally been revealed. It’s smaller, has a 120GB hard drive and also comes with a smaller price tag of $299. And as an added bonus it no longer supports backwards compatibility for the Playstation 2 like was originally speculated [source]. Isn’t that friggin’ awesome?

Personally, I say, “No.” I understand moving on. Hell, cutting support for the PSOne is a good idea. But there are still brand new games coming out for the Playstation 2. In fact there are a lot of them. So you cut the systems price, but at the same time you cut one of the major perks of your console. You were going to bring back one of the cooler features of the PS3 and at a cheaper price, too. But no… No longer will newer consumers be able to choose between ridiculously priced PS3 titles and reasonably priced PS2 games… Unless they want to spend an additional $99 to buy a Playstation 2 for themselves. Which is basically the price you would have paid for a Playstation 3 that could still support Playstation 2 games.

But honestly, I couldn’t care less. I already have my Playstation 3 and it plays my PSOne and Playstation 2 games swimmingly. I’m just bitching for the rest of you.

One last thing, Shadow Complex came out for XBLA today. Buy it NOW!!!


  • The Anarchyz

    The comic is great, real dark humor…

    About the comments, the lack of PS2 support started late 2007 with the 40 GB, and in 2008, all the PS3 models were made without PS2 support… Slim is just keeping the trend…

    Now, i think it will be PS2 BC later, not hardware-based, but a software solution that will play the games physically and digitally (PSN), and let’s be realistic, i don’t think there’s any space for putting the Emotion Engine and the Graphics Synth on the PS3 Slim…

    The thing that i really don’t like about the PS3 Slim is the inability to install Other OS… But since i already have a PS3 that does it, i don’t really care…

  • Klas

    I remember the PS3 which could play PS2 games.
    It destroyed the graphic of most games so it was near worthless and it cost so damn much that it was silly.
    When they released the second version (and since), it’s been cheaper by a wide margin to get your hands on a PS2+PS3 instead of a PS3 original.
    And the effect is better.

    Sorry, not feeling the nerdrage here.

  • Technomancer

    I’m just glad I grabbed the Metal Gear Solid PS3 bundle – the LAST set of PS3s on the market with backwards compatibility. I also want to point out that that bundle WAS cheaper than buying both systems (if I remember correctly it was around $500).

  • Dice_Girl

    I always think it is a shame when you get rid of any type of backwards compatible. But then again I still have my Atari.

  • Skorpeyon

    I’m with The Anarchyz. I bought my PS3 several months ago, back before summer began, and it’s not backwards compatible with the PS2 games. Only the earliest PS3s were, and that’s because they crammed both sets of hardware into them. They tried briefly to do it via software, it didn’t work very well, so they gave up.

    They haven’t been backwards compatible for quite some time, so although I think the comic is quite amusing, you could’ve done it over a year ago.

  • ChaosSilver

    Let’s be real here…backwards compatibility just doesn’t work this generation. 360 tried it, and failed. Now they release Xbox games on XBL. I have a feeling the PS3 is going in the same direction, especially since this company announced a console that doesn’t use discs. While I’m on the PSP Go for a second, I should say that there should be a way to get the downloaded PSP games free if you already bought the UMD.

    Anyway, enough ranting SHADOW MOTHAFUCKIN COMPLEX!!!!!!

  • @Skorpeyon @The Anarchyz Looking at the Wikipedia entry for the Playstation 3: I’m guessing that the production of consoles that supported the Playstation 2 lasted longer on the NTSC systems than on the PAL. I got mine brand new in February of ’08. It’s a 60gb console and NTSC. So, according to Wikipedia, it had “hardware based PS2 emulation.”

    @ChaosSilver As far as the PSPGo goes, unless Sony announces an easy solution to get the UMDs onto the PSPGo they are going to have a pretty hard time selling it. And we’re not talking proving you have a receipt or sending the game away for 2-6 weeks.

    @Klas I think Nerdrage would be an awesome game.

  • David

    Still don’t have a PS3. From what I’ve heard, I’m thinking ‘Yay me’.

  • @David I’m very happy with my PS3. Though, I’m not sure how much I would enjoy one of the newer ones. It’s really cool to be able to play Torneko: The Last Hope, Final Fantasy XII and blu-ray movies on the same system.

  • A.L.

    I wanted a PS3,one of the ones that supported backwards compatibility,but since more pressing issues came up (read bills),that made it hard.Even though I’m pleased the newer models are going to have more memory and are cheaper,I have always been skeptical of the legitimacy and reliability of the Playstation’s slim model systems.Let’s face it,their systems have never been very sturdy,all you have to do is drop the damn thing at a good angle or not very far from a hard floor and it’s done for (and I know this from experience).I’m glad I still have an old model PS2,and as long as that holds up I hopefully won’t have to replace it again.However,I can forsee some folks ditching their old PS3s in favor for 120GB,which wouldn’t make sense but you know how some folks like to keep up to date on everything and trying to make a quick buck on something they consider outdated.

  • cgoodno

    There hasn’t been BC support since the MGS4 80GB model, which was the last one to have such support. Why is it now the biggest news in the world?

    I’m not getting it.

    Sony has done what people asked, which is lower the cost of the PS3, yet people find another reason to lambaste them, this time for a feature that’s been non-existent for more than a year already.

  • LegoTechnic

    Sony has announced (officially) that a PS3 firmware update will be made before the end of the year that will give backward compatibility to all PS3 models, Slim and Phat. It’s just not apparently ready to be packaged with the Slim, and they don’t wish to hold it up waiting.

  • @LegoTechnic You have a link to that? I’ve been search on the net and all I could find was the 3.0 firmware update that doesn’t include it and articles mentioning how the PS3 Slim won’t support Playstation 2 or Linux anymore.

  • LegoTechnic

    @Steve Napierski

    Actually I have to take back my previous comment. It seems between now and yesterday morning Sony has come out and publicly denied the potential firmware update. It seems I should have verified before I spread misinformation. :-[

    They still recently filed a patent for technology that would allow the emulation of PS2 on PS3 (seen, but then this doesn’t really mean anything. Although they HAVE spent the past few months denying the existence of the slim, so I wouldn’t be completely without hope.

    But yeah, my bad. Sorry.

  • @LegoTechnic Not a problem. But as Sony has patented the technology, it’s still a possibility. Maybe just not in the way we expect.

  • The Anarchyz

    My PS3 is also the 60 GB NTSC one, the best model of all, it has PS2 BC via hardware (Emotion Engine + Graphics Synth), card readers, 4 USB ports, SACD playback, Other OS feature and chrome trim… The other ones lacked one or some of these features, and now the Slim doesn’t have any of them…

    Now, most people don’t care about Other OS (the RSX is blocked, the 256 MB main memory is not enough to complex things), or card readers or USB Ports (with a cheap external USB hub and multicard reader you’re good to go) or SACD playback (i have it and never used it), but Sony knows that BC of their best-selling machine is important, that’s why i think they’re developing a full software-based solution (to not depend on putting the EE and the GS on any machine), that will work with the PS2 DVDs and the Digital Distribution (via PSN)…

  • KnyghtMare

    I had a PS2 before I got my PS3 so I just, ya know, kept that.
    The only reason I would really want BC to be re-enabled is so that I can use wireless controllers to play ps2 games :)

    If only pikmin were on the ps3 the system would be perfect :P

  • Tux

    Cutting support for PS1 is a fail to me- by cutting off half of my gaming library, the PS3 in its original form cut itself from my interest. That, and the best video game ever made in disc form is a PS1 game. Sony fans know what I’m talking about.

    That all said, this is the dumbest move possible. The idea of buying a brand new system that has absolutely no chance of playing a single game I own, is utterly ludicrous.

  • SecondTomorrow

    If you have loads of PS2 and PS1 games, one would assume you already have a PS2. If you’re too lazy to hook them both up you might need to rethink your set up. If you don’t have enough connections, buy a switcher, they’re cheap and you can find ones that support both HDMI and Component. I don’t see all the fuss over this. It really tends to boil down to people being too damn lazy to get up for 1 minute to plug in 3 cables. I’ve had a PS2 for 9 years, I’d get a PS3 for Blu-Ray and some really quality exclusive games. If you’re buying a PS3 to play your PS2 games, just don’t get the damn thing.

  • The Anarchyz

    @Tux: PS3 Slim still has PS1 support, the problem is PS2 support because they’re still looking for a Graphics Synth software solution for the PS3…

    Are you talking about Final Fantasy VII, VIII or IX? Gran Turismo 1 or 2? Crash Bandicoot 1,2,3 or Team Racing?, Wipeout?, FF Tactics?, Spyro 1,2,3?, Resident Evil 1,2,3? Parasite Eve?, Xenogears?, Chrono Cross?, MM8?, MM Legends?, MMX4,X5? (god, PS1 library is really awesome) i could go on but i prefer you tell PS fans what game are you talking about…


    PS2 BC was removed more than a year ago, smart guy.

  • Gimmy T

    It was also brought back just over a year ago. For Metal Gear. I think comic should have been devoted to the DSi personally. GBA BC discontinuity is a horrible idea imo.

  • Jonboy

    I agree with some people about their frustrations with no BC. But you gotta remember that the PS2 is STILL selling to the masses, and has sold over 138 million units up through the 18th.

    The chances of people who buy a PS3 and don’t have a PS2 are slim. People can still bitch, but if you already have last gen, then, essentially, it doesn’t matter whether or not the new PS3 Slim has BC.

  • @FANBOYLOL In my defense I have one of the awesome 60gb PS3s that have the hardware based PS2 emulation. I live in my gilded cage and assumed so did everyone else.

  • Cgoodno

    @Gimmy T: Actually, it’s remained around for a year because of the remaining stock of the MGS4 80GB models. Officially, PS2 BC was nixed one year and three months ago.

  • warmaster670

    “You were going to bring back one of the cooler features of the PS3 and at a cheaper price, too.”
    So because some people speculated they were going to do it meant they were going to do it? how bout some advice, stop taking rumours and speculation as fact.

    Also you act like they just took out support recently, when there hasnt been a BC ps3 available most places since the NA MGS4 bundle.

  • Maniac

    doesn’t everyone in the world of gaming have a PS2 by now?

  • I agree with some people about their frustrations with no BC.

  • gigbot23

    I got my PS3 last year sans PS2 BC. Didn’t miss it much since my PS2 still works and I can still play Persona 4 while the PS3 is say, downloading the firmware update.

  • TrunksX

    Same here old 60gig ps3