Crash and Burn [ COMIC ]

The Crash Bandicoot franchise had such potential. The first four games for the PSOne were great, but after that there was something missing. Oh, could it be because they removed Naughty Dog from the equation? Yup. It was a poor decision, kind of like creating a sequel for GoldenEye and using EA instead of Rare, but no ones that stupid.

Make sure to head over to the forums to vote for the color of the first Dueling Analogs t-shirt. Your opinion matters as you will be the ones buying it… hopefully. So head on over there and vote.

With the space I have left, I think I will plug Zoinks! Magazine. Zoinks! is webcomic industry’s first print publication dedicated to promoting online comics and the people who create them. My other webcomic, the outer circle, has had strips that have appeared in the past three issues… and should be in the next one too. Maybe Zoinks! will decide to do an article about me one day… that would be cool.