E.T. for Two [ COMIC ]

Going a little old school with this comic. E.T. the Extra Terrestrial for the Atari 2600 is credited as the worst video game ever made and as one of the causes of the video game crash of 1983 (definitely worth the read). Honestly, Pac-Man for the Atari 2600 deserves more of the blame than E.T. as that title was pure shite. Dark secret of mine… I honestly liked E.T. for the 2600.

I thought this would be a fun strip as I’ve had Atari games on the brain recently. Have you ever heard of Atariage.com? Its a site that gives you all the information you could need about the Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Lynx and Jaguar. Also, their store has all kinds on newly created home brews and hacks to buy for these systems… nice.

Also, if you’re looking for new games for let’s say your Sega Dreamcast then try The GOAT Store. They’ve got fresh new titles like Inhabitants or Cool Herders… definitely worth checking out.