Blue Shell, Blue Balls [ COMIC ]

Blue Shell Condoms

I would have referred to them as Spiny Shell Condoms, but that would have given the comic a completely different feel. Literally.

I had this comic finished pretty close to midnight EST, but I wanted to create a mock wrapper for a Blue Shell Condom. Thought it adds a little something more to the experience. Or at the very least a picture of a fake condom wrapper.

Seriously though, the blue shells or spiny shells or whatever kind of shell you want to call them are a mixed bag of tricks. On one side, its a cheap way to win and an even cheaper way to lose. It can completely destroy the whole skill aspect of any given race. Then again, it does add a completely random level of uncertainty of how a race will play out even until the very last second. So I guess I have a love hate kind of relationship with the blue spiny shells. Though, it’s still an extremely crappy way to lose.

Have a differing opinion? Feel free to interject it in the comment section below. Otherwise, I will see you on Thursday.

Update: I also want to mention that Scarlet Pirate, a female gamer (it makes sense why I mention that if you read her comic and the responses), created this guest comic in response to the comments of the this posting. Very creative.


  • I never figured Daisy and Peach would hang out and talk about stuff like that o_O

    The joke’s good, but the tags are lacking the “Blue Shell” tag. :P

  • Omnithea

    I’m not sure if I like the blue shell in particular, but I do like the fact that the longer you’re in first the more likely you will have to fight to keep it. It sucks to happen at the end of the race, but it’s fun to overcome during the middle. Older MarioKarts were snooze fests once you made it to first.

  • The random chance of a Blue Shell to the finish line, I think, adds to the sort of CRAZINESS that is Mario Kart… but then… I normally only say that when I win through it… and scream at the top of my lungs about how I won even though it says I’m second because I won, but it doesn’t say so because you won with a blue shell….

  • lister of smeg

    Ahh I remember in double dash there was a way to avoid getting hit by the blue shell. only worked like 2% of the time but the times i did i felt like some kind of god! XD

  • You can skip them in Mario Kart DS (something about starting a power slide just as it’s about to hit; I’ve never managed, but the guys I play with can do it)…

    Mario Kart Wii is very frustrating due to the zillion or so things that hit you constantly, and the cheap CPUs who can avoid most of them. :-P

  • HAZman

    I second you on the love/hate thing. What tips the scale for me, so that I prefer to keep it, is that every once in a while somebody will pass you right as the blue shell comes around.

  • H3xx

    1 shell, 2 shell, red shell, blue shell, Death-on-swift-wings-comes-for-you-shell!!!!

  • A.L.

    You know even though sometimes when I would get pulverized by a blue shell I would still manage to stay in the lead.That was just how awesome I was…on Mario Kart 64.Haven’t played any of the newer ones outside of Mario Kart Advance >_< . Anyway,I love today’s strip,makes you wonder if they really do that sort of thin on their off time,and I like the lingerie (or lack of) Peach has on =D.

  • Tinq

    I sort of just want Peach and Daisy Lingerie pictures now. Peach and Daisy making whipped cream pies. Peach and Daisy having a pillow fight. Peach and Daisy skinning a deer.

  • Mister Cow

    It’d be really nice if Mario Kart had an items on/off list like Brawl does. Imagine only having Blue Shells. Or only having that reverse lightning thing. People would be avoiding item boxes like they were instant last place. It’d also be nice to change the amount of item boxes on the course. Like. only have items in 1 or 2 places on an entire track.

  • Seriously? You all want to talk about Mario Kart tactics. As a girl gamer, I would like to talk about how AWESOME the blue shell condom would be. Pure epicness.

  • Chibi-Acer

    I hate the blue shell. At least in Mario Kart Wii. You just get way too many during a match. You’re almost better off being 2nd place most of the race and then just gun it at the end.

  • David

    You’re right about it being a cheap way to lose. Nothing is more frustrating than when the guy who used it doesn’t even place.

  • HarHarsadays

    Oh man you did it again, too darn clever. Have to say, wish they were real.

  • Kriztov

    I disagree slightly. I find that if you get one during the race, you suddenly have a position of power greater than first. If you time your release properly, you can even knock out second and third place and race through to get a fourth to first sweep. Now that makes a nail biting finish

  • A.L.

    You know I agree with ScarletPirate,that would be a funny ass (yet a complete letdown) of a way to finish getting some cut-up.

  • bidoopoo

    ScarletPirate says: As a girl gamer, I would like to talk about how AWESOME the blue shell condom would be. Pure epicness.

    Tell us more, and please don’t be afraid to get graphic….

  • Tinq

    Man, all my condoms are blue condoms. Sometimes I get lapped. Like, twice.

    I’m not sure if I’m complaining or bragging.

  • Larry

    I’ve always felt that the Blue Shell breaks Mario Kart. The issue is that the people who usually get a blue shell are the ones in dead last so a blue shell doesn’t even do them much good. All it does is screw the person in first so that they take 2nd or 3rd. It’s a cheap item and I wish they’d remove them altogether. There are plenty of other items that a 2nd and 3rd place person can use to take 1st (red shells, etc).

  • Boomer Gonzales

    So THAT’s what they look like under those thick, heavy dresses.

    In a word, damn.

  • snachodog

    Cheep Cheep Condoms: Keep you wet all the time.

  • Roflcopper

    I get it! He’s talking about sex!

  • J-man

    I destroyed my brother last time I played Mario Kart DS: I was so far in the lead that even after 4 blue shells, and 2 lightnings I still came in first with seconds to spare.

  • Jennifer

    Great wholesome advice.

  • Hahaha, scarlet, I just saw your “guest comic”. That was a variation on that “Leeeeesbians! Leeeesbians! Biissexuals!” famous comic, right? :P

  • Osmigos

    I’m not sure I’m on board with the blue shell condom idea… ‘cheap’ isn’t often what I’m looking for in contraceptives.