All Geared Up and Raring to Go! [ COMIC ]

This comic was intended to be the way that developers dress their heroines in comparison to the heroes, but I guess it could also represent the way that a lot of male gamers dress up their female characters, as well. Your choice.

See Torneko in the comic? He originally appeared in Dragon Quest IV, but he was also the main character from one of my favorite video games ever: Torneko: The Last Hope. Unfortunately, my copy of the game is now unplayable and I need to get another one. This will actually be my third copy of the game when I finally get around to buying it. The first one, which I lost while moving, was in perfect condition. The second copy, which I got from GameStop, was not in the best of shape when I bought but still playable (at the time). Hoping that my next copy will be better than my last one.


  • Chaos

    Good ol’ chainmail bikini philosophy.

  • David Herbert

    Hey, it’s proven to be just as effective.

  • Scott

    Chainmail = Not rated for stabbin’. Too many holes.

    • Jacob

      Good catch. People think it’ll save you from arrows too, but they’re even worse than stabbing. It might dissipate a slash, but you’re still going to get some nasty bruises.

  • Dan

    You, sir, are obviously not familiar with the inverse theory of female body armor. The less skin it covers, the better the armor. A super thin string bikini makes a girl unhittable. Put her in a turtleneck and she’ll drop in one swing!

    • Baileyboy

      You forget the fierceness of Samus Aran!

      • Shaows

        Just like Team Ninja did.

  • Triaxx

    GOOD chainmail protects against stabbing with wide pointed weapons. Bad chainmail has the rings just split apart.

  • RawkHawk

    Torneko is AWESOME. At least you’ve got some good taste in characters. Keep it up!

    • Ido013

      His game sucked bad time though.. XD

  • Rokai

    And in every installment the female figther will wear less and less “armor”. This is known as the Soul Calibur Syndrome.

  • LMekko

    This comic is wrong only because Torneko would try to sell the heroine as many accessories as he did to the guy just for sheer profit. I loved the merchant class, as useless as it was.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, I think Steve nailed the character, remember? He’s a damn pervert! :P

  • Sarge

    You try getting the disc resurfaced? Some video stores offer those services. There’s a game store close to me that also does.

  • Doczilla

    Funny story, is that many moons ago, a friend and I were arguing about the plate-string bikini armors (thank you WoW), and I successfully convinced him that it was not only more prudent to do this, but more effective.

    Take your standard hero: Full suit of armor, all the same strength spread out across the individual pieces. Opponents must look for chinks in said armor to exploit. Heroine in a plate bikini can use the same amount of metal, smithed into risque pieces that barely cover, granting higher protection for what they protect while the particular cut of the armor works like so: “Hey, see that hot enemy woman over there? We should stop her from her quest! Quickly attack her befo–…heheh, boobies…” Now comes the crux of the argument. You generally aim an attack for where you’re looking. If you’re looking at plate-covered boobs, your attacks going there. Not only is this area more heavily protected by denser metal armor, but there are far fewer places for the attack to go, making it easier to block/parry!


    • RedMattis

      What kind of retarded goon would look at the girl’s breasts when she comes charging in swinging a bastard sword over her head..?
      Besides, many martial arts teach students to look their opponents in the eyes to better predict their next action. It’s not like everyone subconsciously aim for their eyes/head because of that.

      That said, sex sells, and 3D graphics artists like me like creating them. (oddly that also goes for female CG artists…)
      Planning to add a bit more than a plate bikini to the chick on my website though, just haven’t done so yet ^_^;;

    • Everglayde

      and as a Chic gamer this exactly what i count on in PVP …
      the sexier the character the more distracting and thus i get underestimated until they are dead – mwahaha!

  • Cake Ninja

    I just noticed the change in expression in the sixth panel, very nice, very subtle.

  • Aaron Worthing

    wait, what is wrong with this? (joking)