Daisy Chain [ COMIC ]

There’s just not enough sexy pictures of Princess Daisy on the internet. Tons of Princess Peach, but nowhere near as many of Princess Daisy. Today’s comic is one more image to help correct the imbalance.

I was originally going to put a Jabba the Wart with a Salacious Pidgit next to him, but I felt that didn’t add anything to the joke and actually distracted for the premise of it being about Daisy. I also adhered more closely to the Super Princess Peach art style, unlike the previous comic.


  • luke

    Poster please. Uh, wait… is she wearing socks?

    • Yeah, I wanted to keep her tomboyish so I put her sneakers and socks from Mario Hoops 3-on-3 on her.

      • Randomgamerdude

        I don’t think you play Mario games for the same reason we do…

        • spike

          Speak for yourself

  • David Herbert

    Daisy needs her own slave costume.

  • TecXero

    When the title loaded my first thought was more of networking xD but that works too…

  • Rokai

    “There’s just not enough sexy pictures of Princess Daisy on the internet”

    I totally agree with this. The internet needs more Daisy.

  • Onipuck

    I’m a shameless pervert, and I approve of this picture.

  • Anonymous

    Wait… is there a pun on this one? I don’t get it

  • Awesome66

    @Anonymous yeah. ever watched return of the jedi? lea was in a slave out fit. and steve, i think the jabba the wart would have been very acceptable. quite clever

  • InnocentMind

    “There’s just not enough sexy pictures of Princess Daisy on the internet.”

    You’re not looking hard enough. ^.^

  • spike


  • Chokee

    you should still do that pidget and wart thing though

  • Ido013

    Nice I used to find princess Lea really hot in that costume, seems that now it’s not only Lea who’s hot in that costume (^ω^)

  • NICE.

  • plue9

    three things
    1:i’d hit that
    2:refer to 1
    3:refer to 2