Saturday Morning Mass Effect [ VIDEO ]

This probably would have been a better ending to Mass Effect 3 than what we got.

source: YouTube


  • Jaybonaut


  • Gothic Sora

    I may puke…

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Oh Harry, you’ve done it again ::Theme music plays::

  • OmegaZxA


  • Taris

    That was so painful to watch.

  • Hellhound

    this was wrong on so many levels……Everyone knows that Wrex plays the drum and Garrus the Guitar.

  • JackNF

    Reminiscent of that “Saturday Morning Watchmen” clip that was making the rounds a couple years back.

    • Stan Najmr

      Hmmmm…Maybe it’s because it’s by the same guy. Derp.

  • Random Guy

    lol Mass Effect meets Sonic Underground

  • Griffin

    This would totally fit in with Dungeons and Dragons kid video and Gem. ;p Don’t know if that’s good or bad. ;p

  • JediMB

    I’d take this over the ending we got.

    Despite that biotics and omnitool tech are treated like the same thing…