Google Maps for the NES [ VIDEO ]

For April Fools’ Day, Google “announced” the upcoming release of an 8-bit version of Google Maps for the original Famicom a.k.a. Nintendo Entertainment System. They also gave you the ability to demo said release it in your web browser by clicking “Quest” in the upper right hand corner of the Google Maps page. Unfortunately, April Fools’ Day is now over and so is that link on Google Maps. Fortunately, there is still a link to access the “trial version” directly.

source: Google Maps


  • Guy

    I love the Quest version of the Maps. Too bad the trial version did not seem to have the amazing sound effects. Sadly they used DQ I graphics. Would have looked even more high tech if they used DQ III, especially since they sort of had a real world map in that game anyways.

    Love the way you have to fix the cartridge.

    Trying to figure out how I am going to get my modem line into my slot load NES.

    • J. G.

      Those graphics are from Dragon Quest III. The giveaway is the ice tile, which wasn’t introduced until the third game and the shrub tile wasn’t used until Dragon Quest II. In Dragon Quest I, the towns and castles only took up one tile each, whereas these take up 2 and 4, respectively, as they do in Dragon Quest II and III (and IV).

  • Holy Dragoon

    I hope they keep this around for a while :)

  • The Anarchyz

    This is why i love April Fools, companies like Google getting creative.

  • JulieR

    Someone made a tower-defense game out of the quest-mode at