Mass Effect 2: Behind the Badass [ COMIC ]

Special thanks goes out to Jen, the always awesome creator of Mystic Revolution, for setting me with this guest comic while I’m getting ready for InterventionCon this weekend. Make sure to visit her site and thank her for that.

So… Duke Nukem Forever was actually playable at PAX last weekend. You know they’re saying the game is coming out in 2011. Personally, I think it’s actually coming out on December 21, 2012. It is one of the signs of the apocalypse, after all. But while you’re waiting for the end of the world, why not check out a couple of Dueling AnalogsDuke Nukem comics [1] [2].


  • Funny Comic. I still refuse to believe though that Duke Nukem forever is coming out.

  • Nich

    Is there actually a way to not kill the fish in that game? The space Hamster never got fed and he survived.

    • mlsterben

      My fish never died. You have to feed them every time you land on another planet.

    • RebelsDawn

      The easiest way to get your fish to survive the entire game is to do the following.
      1. Go to your cabin before and after every mission and feed the fish.
      2. Build up your relationship with Kelly until you invite her to your cabin. After she comes up to your cabin she will ask about taking care of your fish. Allow her to do that and you don’t have to worry anymore about the fish.

  • mlsterben

    Using an abbreviation like this is uncharacteristic of me, but it’s the most succinct way to display my reaction to the comic: ROFL.

  • Kriztov

    That wasnt Goth, that was emo.

  • hawk222

    Wait, I thought Shepard was a guy?

    • bidoopoo

      You only played through the game as “male” Shepard? Ohhh boy, did you miss the yummy space lesbianism.

      • hawk222

        I played the game?

        • bidoopoo

          Sorry, I just assumed. And you know what they say about doing that, right?

          You make an “ass out of U and med.” Wait….

  • Daniel

    They have pie in space? That’s it, I’m joining NASA.

    • bidoopoo

      Dude don’t get too excited. I felt the same way when I heard about astronaut ice cream*.

      And then I tried some. Yeah, dreams of space adventures dashed by an ass tasting “treat”.


  • Ido

    Yeah this is more emo than goth with her reaction, but still hella funny! Poor little one~ XD

  • Peekaboo

    Well done, Jen.

  • Raynordies

    Is it bad that I want to fuck Goth-Shep really bad?

    Anyway, good comic.

    • CMMMMM

      No. Not really
      Is it wrong that I want to see the two of them make out?

      • QGB

        I’d eat HER space pie.

  • Mort

    i feel her pain!!