Poor, Poor Plusle [ VIDEO ]

Magnets are definitely not a miracle. Just ask Plusle…

source: Newgrounds



    It’s the story of every film, book, cartoon, series and story ever.

    He just wanted some pussy.

  • Jetstream

    … What.

  • rob1nfly

    My eyes…

  • Z2

    This was so much better in comic form.

    • Nuckel

      That’s right. Some things should just be left untouched…

  • TecXero

    Going to show this to everyone at the next LAN Party. This is just awesome xD

  • Phaelin

    Dickman strikes again!

  • Kirdex

    Cock-blocked by magnetism…epic.

  • I remember the comic of this. But now it has a SWF version? **** yeah. Saved.