Rejected Mega Man Villains XIII [ COMIC ]

Since Capcom hasn’t hired me to create an actual Mega Man robot master yet (hint, hint) I decided to create a few more Rejected Mega Man Villains.

Update: This comic in now appearing on the official Capcom blog [1]. That’s really awesome. You know what’s even awesomer? Letting me design an actual robot master. Call me!

While I was creating this, I realized that Recycled Man could actually make a decent villain. And in case you are wondering which robot masters he’s recycled from: Quick Man’s head (Mega Man 2), Heat Man’s turso (Mega Man 2), Drill Man’s left arm (Mega Man 4), Slash Man’s right arm (Mega Man 7), Charge Man’s right leg (Mega Man 5) and Uranus’ left leg (Mega Man V). There’s no real rhyme or reason to which parts I chose beyond variety.

Nega Man is pretty self explanatory. And then there’s Soapy Man…

Last week, my four year old daughter was looking at the Mr. Masters (poster). A couple days later she came up to me and said, “Daddy, I created a new comic for you. He’s called Soapy Man. He has soap on his head and a squiggly mouth.”

Soapy Man

So I decided to take a picture of it with my iPhone and turn it into an actual Rejected Mega Man Villains. In fact, her showing me that is the entire reason that I created this new batch of Rejected Mega Man Villains. I also wanted to note that he’s pink because that’s her favorite color. The end.