Awesome L.A. Noire Animation [ VIDEO ]

Egoraptor has released his latest installment of the Awesome Series. This one is about L.A. Noire and is entitled, wait for it, Awesome Noire. FYI there’s a few naughty words in it. So possibly NSFW.

Can you guess from the animation which console Egoraptor bought L.A. Noire for? That’s right, the Amiga 1000.

source: YouTube


  • Rob

    Genius :D

    Egoraptor is a legend

  • Nuckel

    Egoraptor is a great artitst, no questions. Though this game now looks strange to me with this button pressing minigame to decide what you think you “read” in the person’s face… The fine mimics are a cool gimmick but this takes the whole thing too far in the wrong direction in my oppinion…

  • So Sweet. Made me Lol.