Has Mass Effect 3 Gone Too Far? [ VIDEO ]

TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit, makes a compelling argument as to why he will be reluctantly boycotting Mass Effect 3…With major emphasis on “reluctantly.”

You are definitely a stronger man than me, good sir.

source: YouTube


  • Platinum

    It has been done before… by Ubisoft… with the Assasin’s Creed games.

  • NonEuclideanCat

    I agree with the sentiment that it’s mean-spirited to keep lore-important content from the consumer in this manner. I do not agree with the sentiment TotalBiscuit has towards “Day 1 DLC” (DLC that’s on the disk at launch).

  • demi-chan

    So he is mad because he is ASSUMING that the dlc will be vitally important…and if its not? I mean its mainly a way for the developers to get a little more money out of people yes. I would be more mad if they weren’t offering it at all to non-special edition buyers. Does it suck yeah sure, but still. Not the first time dlc has done it, not the last.

  • Nomotos

    I understand his issue, but he clearly doesn’t understand the dev time involved for any DLC of significant depth for a game like this, it’s not like CoD where it’s a map and no content is truly added, they have hours upon hours of voice acting to do for all the branching dialogue paths, and choices. Also the scheduling problem of getting all the actual actors back…hmmm I wonder why Joker doesn’t talk during the Arrival DLC…

    I think it’s actually kinda cool when DLC is included with a collector’s edition of the game, make you feel like that extra money you paid went towards something besides an aluminum case for your game instead of a plastic one.

    • Nomotos

      his argument that 20 dollars =/= 20 pounds is completely legitimate though. Should’ve been 45 or 50 pounds instead of 55 for the CE version.

      • Nomotos

        plus this game was originally scheduled to come out for holiday season 2011, but they decided against being lost in the CoD/Assassin’s Creed/Batman Arkham City shuffle for the holidays, they, pretty wisely pushed it back 3 months to give it the marketing campaign it deserved, and obviously they didn’t waste those 3 months just doing marketing if they’re already pumping out DLC.

  • Foo

    I think what really made me mad in the beginning was the fact that he was calling out the walking animation and the facial expressions. They are the exact same, if not changed the tiniest bit, as the first two games. After that, he dared to insult the size of the Krogan in the demo. She is a female Krogan. Female Krogan are supposed to be larger in size because it shows that they are verile, able to bare strong, healthy children. On top of that, she’s wearing thick ceremonial robes to keep her safe from the elements. Krogan females are highly regarded and sought after. He couldn’t love Mass Effect as much as he claims if he doesn’t at least know that.

    After that, he decides to go on a rampage about DLC? I don’t honestly understand this man. He assumed the Prothean character is going to be crucial to the storyline, and I can understand that that may make him a bit frustrated, but if it were so crucial as to leave a player hanging in-game, EA and Bioware would have notified their fans. Just because a person doesn’t get the CE of ME3 doesn’t mean that they can’t get the Prothean character. Even then, the Prothean character is just to give loyal ME players a cool piece of lore to chill with and fight alongside. If you don’t get it, it’s not the end of the world. You can still buy him, and if you don’t, well that’s just fine. He’s only there to enrich your experience, not keep you from playing the full game. He’s special content that people can buy if they really want him, or if they want all the DLC, or if they want the chievo or trophy. If he were vital to the story, he wouldn’t have been taken out of the game. At least, that’s how I see it.

    Oh, and if he couldn’t find anything better than the Blood Dragon armor in Dragon Age, then he fails superbly.

    • sigmen4020

      Just to correct a statement in your comment. He was not talking about the female krogan (That would’ve just been stupid), he was talking about the Krogan character in the Multiplayer filling too much of the screen so it was hard to see much. Watch this if you don’t believe me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zkp472M1z8Y

      • Foo

        Oh, ok. I thought he was talkin’ about the female Krogan. Thanks for the reply. ^__^

  • SerenityDan

    Bioware has said multiple times that it will never penalize you for not having DLC. SO nothing in the DLC will be a vital part of the game.

  • panchoman36

    I might just download the game instead of buying it most expensivly on Origins. Stupid Origins.
    I can then Download the game with all the dlc and collectors bonus :) thats sweet.
    I bought the first two games on steam.

  • cgoodno

    People are jumping to conclusions. The character is like Zaeed in ME2. He never had a voice in main plot details, only on his own side quest. During any of the group conversations, he wasn’t even present. He’s just a side guy with a nice grenade ability. The only difference now is that the character is free with the CE only, but still available. But, the DLC character isn’t going to be integral to the story and won’t be one of the characters you’ll see during main plot development scenes.

  • Gibbs

    I don’t agree that just because something was made before launch it should be on the disc and available to everyone. It takes time to make the DLC, and if you want it on the disc, they’d have to push the release back. Then, in the time they have between when they finish putting the DLC on the disc for everyone, they can make new DLC that will be ready on launch day – do you want them to perpetually delay the game like Duke Nukem?

    They didn’t start working on the DLC till the game was complete. There is still a lot to do after the game is finish until the time it hits shelves, so back at Bioware they chug along and go ahead and start on DLC. This is how MOST day 1 DLC is done.

  • Galstaff

    Yes, the DLC cost them money to make. However, if they had it ready on day one, then why weren’t they releasing earlier? And do you really think they won’t make huge profits if they don’t charge $10 for the dlc? As far as the character not being central to the lore, that’s just a load of bull. The fact is, seeing a living breathing prothean is a huge thing. Even if the prothean only matters in a line of side quests, you still get to learn what exactly a prothean is., the general demeanor of protheans, and all of the knowledge revealed during the quest line. He isn’t assuming that there will be a skip in the main plotline where the prothean segment is, or you will have cutscenes with mysterious holes. He is angry because you have to pay money to get a huge insight into the background of the universe. Games used to get by perfectly fine without DLC. The closest thing was releasing expansion packs, which were separate entities from the main game, either a corollary area or different plot or something. And expansion packs wouldn’t be released for a couple years after the game anyway.

  • Branden

    For what it’s worth, I’ve cancelled my preorder (which was CE) altogether because of this. I hate day-one DLC, but if it’s just weapons or armour I don’t care because they’re not important to the overall game. Putting a Prothean crew member in the game as DLC, on day one, is just blatant milking of the consumer (and we’re already spending a ton on the content anyways). If game developers want to lose to app developers, this a great way to lose the war.

  • thewood

    You learn all you need to about the Protheans in ME1 and 2. Basically, they didn’t actually build the Mass Relays, didn’t build the Citadel, weren’t actually as cool as we originally thought, and aren’t actually extinct, just genetically modified to be the Collectors. I actually AM upset about the DLC, but not for the same reasons as everyone else. I think if they were going to put a living, non-Collector, Prothean in the game, it should have been in ME1 on Ilos since it was just a massive stasis warehouse of Protheans. Still not going to boycott the game though. I hope this DLC character is better constructed than Zaeed or Kasumi in ME2 though, or else everyone who thinks it’s going to be “a huge impact on the lore of the game” will be sorely disappointed. After going to visit their quarters the first time, the only reason I ever went back was because Zaeed had one of the best voice actors in the entire series, and I was hoping if you bugged her enough Kasumi would become a romance option. The actual dialog was lacking in substance, especially because it was one-sided.

  • Bandersnatch

    The folks at Bioware have already said that From Ashes was developed during the three month period between the main game’s completion and and it’s shipping out to distributors. They’ve also noted that EVERY game goes through that three month period, where the game designers themselves have nothing to do. So they filled the time by making a DLC. Not only that, but the folks at Bioware have even told us that the creators of From Ashes were a SEPARATE TEAM than those who were working on the main game anyway. No content was cut from the game.

    I’m sorry, TotalBiscuit, but I find fault with your conclusions here.