Video Games Most Flawless Fannies [ VIDEO ]

I’ve already said it before, but I really do think that The Warp Zone is missing out missing out on both a comedic and probably monetary opportunity by not creating some Top Video Game… lists for the ladies. All they need to do is take Michael Adams Davis, dress him in drag, call it Melvina, and let the comedy ensue. Don’t forget, you’ve got female viewers too.

I’m a little surprised that Samus Aran (Metroid) in her Zero Suit, Cammy (Street Fighter), or anyone from the plethora of characters from the Dead or Alive franchise. Anyone that you feel might also have been missed, make sure to include in the comments below.

source: YouTube


  • Sabbo

    That’s… not what fanny means here. Wrong side of the body.

    I was confused.

    • You learn something new everyday. In the United States it means the buttocks.

      • DSQ

        It’s buttocks in North America. In UK it’s definitely the other side of a female.

        • McZee

          Not just UK, but Australia too. Hearing Americans innocently misusing the word “fanny” is something we find bloody hilarious. =)

          • Ray

            Guess you guys must have a had a riot when Fanny Packs were prevalent.

          • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

            Misusing? According to that dictionary entry above, it’s you Brits that are using ‘fanny’ as slang. We’re the ones using it correctly.

          • Kal

            Actually in the UK we called them bum bags

    • Mygaffer

      You must have been expecting quite the interesting video!