Mass Erect [ COMIC ]

The comic before you was a slightly modified version of the first comic I did for Hardcore Gamer Magazine. The original comic I was working on for today just wasn’t coming out right. Which is weird because it a simple joke. It just needed the characters to be laid out a certain way for me to be happy. And I wasn’t.

Regardless, a bunch of you have never picked up a copy of Hardcore Gamer Magazine. Which means there are Dueling Analogs comics you’ve never actually seen. That’s reason enough to get a copy… plus the magazine is great read as well.

Also, the art direction for the articles is amazing. Grab any issue of Gamer Informer (you know the one you subscribe to only because of the 10% discount) and any issue of Hardcore Gamer Magazine and compare them side by side. In Gamer Informer the layout of any (pre)review looks pretty much like any other (pre)review. While in Hardcore Gamer Magazine each (pre)review has its own unique feel… the backgrounds, the image borders and the feel. A lot of time these standard pages are more professional and higher quality than the actual advertisements… that says something. You can always go to their website and download the latest issue for free if you want… I just suggest if you think its a good publication pickup/subscribe to it. That way they can keep making it.

I mentioned this in a comment of the previous comic, but I felt it deserved some front page lovin’ as well. I’m currently in the process of collecting the first year of the outer circle into a trade paperback. The book itself will be full color and between 100 and 130 pages, depending on page dimensions. The brilliantly witty and artistically gifted man Joe Dunn has already agreed to write the forward. Plus I get to print his guest strips in the collection as well. The cover artist has yet to be confirmed, but note that I am courting some pretty big names for the job. Regardless, those of you who never read the outer circle won’t have the whole “archives are too big” excuse any more. Besides it’ll make good bathroom reading material, says I.

Lastly, my final comic for the Civilization Daydreams is up. I contacted 2K Games to see if they wanted me to just run in on Dueling. But before they could respond it was up on Thanks again to everyone involved in Civilization Daydreams, it was a blast. Now rerelease Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword so that we can do it all again.