Red Ring of Death [ COMIC ]

I always wondered what happened to this guy.

Seriously though, the red ring of death is nothing to laugh about no matter what your sexual orientation. Unless you own a PS3 and have no intentions of ever getting a 360. Then I guess its pretty damn funny.

On an artistic note. today’s comic falls into the too much based on reality strip. By default my art style is very cartoonish and I much prefer it that way. But every now and then, I have friends pose for comics so that I can get folds and muscle definition correct. And sometime not so cartoonish creations are born. If I’m just guessing at the way clothes will fall or arms will bend, I will always lean towards the side of toonish and stylized. But if I have someone posing or I took a picture of someone, I see then see how it really folds or bends. This uncontrollable need to make the artwork look more real takes over. I try to stop it, but before you know it the comic is done. I don’t think said strips look bad. I just don’t think they truly reflect my art style. Now you might say, just quick using model references. Unfortunately, some angles are just awkward enough that I need a reference to do the artwork.

That ,and the fact it will drastically speed up my creation time, is the reason I want one of these. If I’m moving as quickly on the digital artwork as I would work with the pencil, the natural flow will come out through the finished product instead of the perceptual tweaking I do now. Hoping I do well enough at KatsuCon to help pay for one of those things. Its a lot of money just to come up with, but it will be worth it.