And Now a Word from Our Sponsors… [ COMIC ]

In all honesty, I hope that this never happens.

I can first person shooters with billboard advertisements or in baseball stadiums, but there are just some kinds of games that it won’t work. Now remember “won’t work” and “doesn’t work, but they tried anyway” are two completely different things. Expect a lot of Truman Show product placement in future games. Then again, when it costs you $20 million to make a video game it helps to make some of that money back some how. Hmm… I’m in the mood for some White Castle.

Make sure to return Monday for the first Dueling Analogs “comic” to ever have audio. What am I thinking? No, seriously. I bumped my head a while ago and I think I might have a concussion and my short-term memory isn’t so good. Gotta go, left arm just went numb…