Thatched-roof cottages!!! [ COMIC ]

Even before I could post my news about this comic, there was already a mention of it on the Homestar Runner Wiki.

Guitar Hero II, if you’ve played the original you are obviously getting the sequel. If you haven’t… well, then you just suck. I was originally thinking about getting this game for the 360, but then decided to get it for the PS2. I already have the original for the PS2 and if I get the sequel for it with another guitar, I can play the sweet co-op mode. The new co-op mode allows one player to be lead guitar and the other to be bass or rhythm guitar… just sweet.

As far as Trogdor being a bonus track in the game is just friggin’ awesome. I’m a big fan of Homestar Runner and the combination of an awesome game and awesome comic/animation/thingie game is simply the awesomest, simply.