Pile of naked Asian women [ COMIC ]

I’ve been to the stores and seen all the different products that “pass” for gaming chairs. None of these compare to a Sumo Omni. The Sumo Omni is the bean bag chair for the modern gamer. Sturdy, comfortable and able to be molded in many different ways to accommodate the complete spectrum of sizes that gamers encompass. Needless to say, I love this chair and feel its the pampering that every gamer craves and deserves.

Besides saying that you need to get one of these, I’m done talking about my wickedly awesome chair.

Three things… I’ve got a new store over at ZeStuff. And in that store is 1, 2, 3 brand new t-shirt designs. And you need to make sure to come back on Saturday as I am doing an off-cycle strip in celebration of Dueling Analogs one year anniversary. See you then…