Thank you for your support… [ COMIC ]

In all honesty, I do create Dueling Analogs for the people who make up its readership. Thank you. Now for my plans for the upcoming year…

1) More in game comics. I love using Harvey and the gang, but I know you’d rather see more perversion of the games we know and love.

2) Creating more guest strips for other webcomics. Any webcomic artist out there worth their weight in unique IPs knows that guest strips are a major factor in growing its readership.

3) Conventions. Not only do I plan on attending cons this year, I am bringing swag created custom for said events.

There’s actually a lot more than that and I’m definitely going to need all of your help, but I first need to get a page together explaining the who, what, why and hows… but not when. Never when.

Once again… thank you for your support.