P Whipped [ COMIC ]

Its the whole whip thing that never sat right with me… I get it, the Belmont clan are some bad mothers. Every time Dracula comes back from the dead or undead they put him in his place, but with a whip? We’re talking about 50 foot tall, armored monsters being destroyed by a man and his whip. Granted the whip gets upgraded from leather to chains, but does that really matter? Personally, I think the only way those creatures would die is from laughing themselves to death… regardless, the Castlevania series is wicked cool.

I decided to do Simon Belmont’s character design based on his outfit from Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. The golem is based on character design from Castlevania : Lament of Innocence, with a little of my own creative license. I really wanted to use the rock monster design from Super Castlevania IV (Why was that called Super Castlevania IV, if there was only ever one Super Castlevania?) but when I looked back on it, it really wasn’t that interesting.