My Final Fantasy – Friendship is Tragic [ COMIC ]

I wasn’t sure whether I was suppose to post this to Dueling Analogs or deviantART?

I thought about this idea a while ago. I just never had the time to put it together. I had a free few hours today, so I decided to finally make it. I originally thought it was going to only take an hour or two. Boy was I wrong.

Nonetheless, it’s finally finished.


  • BigLord

    As a Brony:


  • Triaxx2

    I was unaffected by the original scene. I find this utterly hilarious.

  • Spliced

    My comment was “Nice”. The unicorn horn was clever ;)

  • Kal

    shouldn’t he only have one wing

    • Dave

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Right, right… It’s been updated.

      • Kal

        spiffy :)

  • Chaos

    I suppose the ol’ term “nothing is sacred” will suffice.

  • Anonymous

    This makes me wonder what a Tifa pony would have in place of human Tifa’s “tracks of land”.

    • Metal C0mmander

      I demand you ponify the whole Final Fantasy 7 cast, Steve.

    • Chakat Firepaw

      You might want to dig up images of a fan-created pony by the name of “Milky Way” to see what the pony equivalent is.

      Fair warning: Quite a bit will be NSFW and much is udderly amusing.

      • Anonymous

        OH! MY! GOD! That is awesome! Giant udders that look like giant balls! LOL!