Mother May I? [ COMIC ]

Kotaku did an article questioning why Mother 2 Earthbound hadn’t been released on the Wii virtual console, yet. Though, the article and it’s follow up weren’t really uplifting to my spirit, they did still end up accomplishing one thing. They got Danzig’s song Mother stuck in my head. And from there, all I could imagine was a starman singing that song to Ness. I originally imagined a fourth panel with a really creeped out Ness in the shadows, but the comic moved away from the bizarre and into the Chris Hanson/Dateline territory. So I left it out.

Just giving you a heads up there’s a special surprise next week on Dueling Analogs. And quite possibly a second special surprise. Want to find out what it or they might be? Then, you’ll just have to come back and see. Until then…