10 Mind-Blowing Video Game Theories [ VIDEO ]

I enjoyed this video, but are you really telling me don’t buy the Pokémon war theory? I already mentioned that a while ago on Dueling Analogs and I don’t really think there’s much of a gray area when it comes to that. You don’t have to try very hard to see the accuracy of this one. Unless, of course, you never really played this game before and then I guess you wouldn’t understand… BAM!! That’s right, I’m calling you out.

Whatever, it’s a fun video overall.

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  • Sabbo

    Okay, half of those are BS, but at least he admits as such, even if not on the Majora’s Mask one.

  • Kongobongo

    No mention of pokemon coma theory? Then again, it isn’t exactly a GAME theory…

  • Blip

    Well half of the theories are actually great and make sense.

    The Mass Effect one is known for the “mind probe” theory (and hated for that ending). The Majora’s Mask theory (Game Theory channel) is excellent and I never(!) thought about that. The Pokemon War theory makes sense, but he disregarded that Pokemon are dangerous (see VSauce3 channel). The “Gigas” Theory makes as much sense as “Lavos” in Chrono Trigger… only that with CT, you had to dive into the “shells” of Lavos. So even if he is a fetus – well it’s his weakest point, and yes, that make the game really… strange. Then again, never seen a “fetus” in the Gigas image flashing.

    The MG3 theory makes no sense at all. The bloopers are intentional. Also the Raiden mask, etc. It was a running gag. People seem to forget that this is an alternate reality. And through the course of the games, the technology is far more advanced than we see up until this day. I mean, look at the year where MGS2 and MGS4 is supposed to play, or “Metal Gear Raiden: Revengeance”. Cyberpunk at it’s best (even though the game was overdone IMO – it’s not art style anymore, it’s just Devil May Cry in Metal Gear universe), yet we’re far from it.

    The first Zelda game (NES) and the swastika…. come on… it’s a Buddhist symbol and at this point, it wasn’t even clear that this game will be released in Germany. Nobody gave a funk about it, not even the Americans. Only Germany is really picky on that topic. But still… why?!

    I’m a bit undecided on the Mario games, but it was an art design to “present” the game. Raise the courtain, start playing. Made sense.

    I can’t agree on Animal Crossing – such simulations are “made” to interact constantly with the population, else it wouldn’t make any fun at all on the long run.

    FF8 was pulled out of the rear end. I played this game – and it was the first to actually use blood in FF games – then again, Magic can heal a lot! Apparently not scars in the face though – considering the timespan of this game being only like what… 1-2 months (which makes absolute sense, since you’re rushed to finish your “job” in a short period of time, else you loose out on money and points – FF13-1 also plays over a timespan of several days only!)? I’m surprised that this game wasn’t brought up as being a big part of school carnages. Since the game focuses on “Children, trained to be soldiers”.

    And the Fallout 3 “future predictions” were coincidence. Unless you are one of those people that is believing that this game is another NWO scheme.

    • The stage play motif also comes up in the Paper Mario games. In SMB3, I’m sure it’s intentional, but I don’t think that’s supposed to make the game any less real. I mean, SMB2 is a dream, but that doesn’t stop its characters from reappearing. Of course, Mario continuity is pretty loose anyway.

      I’ve only played the original Animal Crossing for GameCube, but at least as far as that one is concerned, you CAN eventually pay off enough money that Tom Nook won’t add any more to your house, and you CAN leave town if you go to another player’s village. I’ve actually seen a theory about the AC protagonist being dead, but I guess that one works with pretty much any game, particularly the more surreal ones.

  • Sebastian

    2:52 that is not a swastika. It turn clockwise. Swastikas turn the other way.

  • ThisIsNotDan

    Missed the one about Pikmin taking place on a post-nuclear-apocalyptic earth, which is all but confirmed in-game:
    -Olimar’s Geiger counter is constantly going off (nuclear fallout)
    -Real-life human products appear in-game in Pikmin 2 (remains of humanity)
    -Planet contains “dangerous levels” of oxygen (probably Earth)
    -Lots of evidence of people, but no actual people or trace of civilization, even from space.

  • deviantmeh

    I gave this video a thumbs up because this guy has FANTASTIC teeth.

  • bronyforlife

    I’ve heard about the Mario being a play and majoras mask being the five states of grief the major as mask does make sense

  • Frankie D.

    The creator of Earthbound admitted that Gigas is all about abortion, so that’s not really a theory….