Megabomb [ COMIC ]

I stopped the regularly planned comic midstream as soon as I heard that Mega Man 9 was rumored to be in progress. Yes, it’s only rumored. But if you’ve been reading Dueling Analogs for any length of time you’ve come to learn that something like that is enough to get me very excited… hence the comic.

If you want to read up on it, IGN was where I first read about the game. But 4 color rebellion has a much better and more informative article about the game. I recommend the 4 color rebellion article, personally.

Now here’s the big questions on my mind: Have they already created all the bosses for the game? And if not is there even the slimmest chance in hell that I, Steven Napierski, could get the chance to create one of those said bosses? I’m not sure if asking everyone reading this to bombard Capcom with emails suggesting that they should let me create a new Mega Man boss would help or not. But if you want to give it a chance, please do. If anyone hears anything or has any other knowledge or suggestions to help make this a reality, please post it in the forum replies to this comic. Thank you immensely.

See you tomorrow for this week’s comic four of five.

[edit – Wednesday 11:40PM]

Per request, here’s a few desktop versions of today’s comic:

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