Lego my Gimmick! [ COMIC ]

With the success of the Lego Star Wars games and the many movie/tv themed Lego sets… I thought just how long it would be before another major license was given the Lego video game treatment. But I decided to do the comic with licenses that I thought would be logical matches for Legos.

When, I first thought of this comic I thought it was going to be quick and easy to do. They’re just blocks, right? Wrong! All the lines, perspectives, logos to recreate almost makes me want to do the Konami Code strip again… no, I’m kidding.

Two quick shout outs. One is for the always funny and award winning webcomic Beaver and Steve. If you’ve got a sense of humor, you will love this comic. The other is for F@Nb0Y$‘ 2006: A year in Review strip. F@Nb0Y$ is a good comic, but that strip was simply brilliant.