It’s the Thought that Counts [ COMIC ]

Edge did a comparison between the review scores of the games for the Nintendo Wii and the PS3. 17% of PS3 games scored a rating of 85% or higher. While only 4% of Nintendo Wii games scored a rating of 85%. On top of that, 54% of Nintendo Wii games scored 65% or lower. While only 30% of PS3 games did the same.

So what does that mean? Well, it’s definitely a matter of quality over quantity. For every PS3 game there are 1 Bajillion Nintendo Wii games (trust me I counted). But at the same time, you’ve got a much better chance of buying a good PS3 title than you do for the Wii.

“But there’s less games for the PS3?” So? How many friggin’ games will you ever honestly buy for a system? I’m willing to bet that the average person win not own but a quarter of the amount of games that are rated 85% or higher for the PS3 this generation. So stop your whining.

OH… If you play World of Warcraft and you can, go to the coordinates 79, 73 on the southeastern coast of Howling Fjord, due south of the Explorers League Outpost, on Saturday, April 11, at 1 p.m. EST turn your flagging on and start clubbing baby seals. Why? because PETA is fucking stupid. They’re using WoW to promote their protest against the clubbing of baby seals in Canada [source]. While I’m neither condoning or condemning this action, I think PETA’s course of action is ridiculous. But then again, as you will see in the following video, you can see that a lot of what they do is just plain stupid:


  • Fluxxdog

    … … PETA must not actually be aware of what kind of game WoW can be. All they're doing is giving people a new target! Great idea guys, forget clubbing, now we can hack 'n' slash all the baby seals we want!

    "I got a spear and a baby seal… Wanna see a magic trick?"

  • AttackOfTheThumbs

    PETA is a cult. I said it over a decade ago and I still stand by it.

    Anyone who thinks PETA is anything but retarded needs mental help.

    And if this "WoW campaign" failed horribly, I would do nothing but laugh over it.PETA just angers me so much. Right wing vegetarians.

  • Strange, through the comic it appears that you're standing by the wii-tards but through the news it doesn't seem as so :/

  • @Rai You're right. I update the post. It's on WhisperWind.

  • @BigLord One's a joke and the other is my opinion. It's why I tell people that the comic and news post go together in Dueling Analogs. If you only look at the comic, you don't get the whole picture.

  • PETA: People Embarrassing the Tidewater Area…

    @AttackOfTheThumbs: Amen. Started off with good intentions (let's treat our meat humanely…) now the place is filled with barking moonbats. Years ago I met this lady who worked as a lawyer for a while for PETA. She had to throw out all of her silk shirts to work for them. Because of the poor, poor, pitiful silkworms…

  • @Pirotechnix The Wii approach reminds me of this:

  • Pirotechnix

    Regarding the comic, since I'm convinced PETA at this point is just an elaborate irl troll…

    At this point, all I can do is shrug my shoulders and say "eh" at the Wii. It's the worst system by far in terms of quality games, but in this economy, if the Wii is still managing to print money, I'm not one to discourage their market approach, however flooded the market may be by terrible third-party gimmicks.

  • And you need to be around level 70 to survive at Howling Fjord. A level that you got to by killing countless animals and probably selling their furs, too.

  • Rai

    I thought that was only on one specific server?

  • Tuomas

    Wait. You're not condemning the clubbing of baby seals? Wow, just wow.

  • @Tuomas It's to control the population of the seals that consume vast quantities of certain stocks of fish. And the seal population of Canada continuously grows in rapid numbers each year.

    So why do I neither condemn nor condone? Because it's not my country. Canada obviously knows more about the situation than I do. And though brutal, I'm willing to bet that they explored a lot of other options before coming to this decision.

    It's like so many other aspects in life, just because it's not the decision that makes you feel warm and fuzzy it doesn't mean it's the wrong one.

  • Uncharted One

    Let's get those damn seals!!!! I needs some new seal-tires for mah car!

  • Typhon

    In the US, we deal with an overpopulation of stray cats and dogs by getting as many of them as possible spayed or neutered. I agree that it might be the most effective solution to do what they do now, but I'm curious if they've ever considered that. Doesn't mean I won't speed-run a Death Knight on WhisperWind to kill me some seals. I would assume this idea has been considered, but it's something to wonder about.

    Also, I find ants and roaches cute, but I don't get a huge group of functionally retarded "activists" to stand behind me on that. What gives?

  • Blind Angel

    Btw, baby seal hunting is illegal in Canada sin 1987, we can only kill teen and adult seal now.

  • Olly

    To be honest, that’s hardly Nintendo’s fault. Besides, that 4% is probably of similar numerical size to the 17% of PS3 games…

  • cheezewheel

    I’m a vegetarian, I don’t like exploiting animals. that said, I think peta gives vegetarians a bad name. I do not appreciate anything they do. When I heard about peta, I thought oh animal rights yay, then I saw there website, and clicked a video, I never finished watching it, and I never went back to there site again. They have videos of animals being abused, and slaughtered. They show that to people, even kids. They are SICK.

  • LordMilkMan

    Yup, it’s a fact. The Wii has lots of vile, stinky, awful garbage games. But since it’s got such a high install base, then it’s hardly a surprise. And this is Nintendo’s fault… how? At worst, they’re acting like they did in the NES days, letting anyone and his brother produce games on the Wii. I seem to remember the NES having a pile of vile, stinky, awful garbage games, yet the system is revered for the much smaller collection of solid, good titles offered. And we were paying $50-60 a pop in those days. Most non-major Wii titles seem to carry a price tag lower than $40. Often I see brand new games at $30. Or less. Everything I’ve seen on the PS3 is going to set you back $60.

    The biggest handicap to the system is also it’s biggest strength: the control scheme. That, and the family-fun atmosphere foisted on us in the system’s inception, are probably the biggest things keeping companies from releasing the “big hits” on the Wii. They likley don’t want to rework their game to make use of a, frankly, very different control scheme, particularly if you have a mature game that stupid parents will complain about being mature.

    Frankly, were I to own a PS3, I’d find those 30% of games to be an enormous slap in the face. The system is the most expensive and in dead last in install base. This is on top of it also being a Blu-Ray player, which I’m sure helped convince some to buy it. This many strikes against it, and 3 in 10 games get a rating of 65% or below? I think some of those games must be preying on the desperation of some gamers for variety from the steadfast pillars of gaming. Or they “look really neat”. Are graphics any less of a gimmick than a motion sensitive control scheme?

  • The Anarchyz


    Nintendo is not doing with the Wii the same as the NES… The FAMICOM, maybe, but that’s because Japan didn’t live the crash…

    Let me explain, Yamauchi (head of Ninty at that time) wanted to bring the FAMICOM to the US audience, but they knew what Atari did wrong at that time, besides horrible “main” titles like ET and Pac-Man (for the 2600) the 2600 was flooded with a lot of pointless games, they even shipped more copies of one game than the number of 2600’s available, so, Nintendo of America to prevent all this made a plan, 1. The NES (a FAMICOM built differently for US audience), 2. Strong Licensing to keep the shovelware out of the console (remember the “Official Nintendo Seal of Quality”?), 3. Lockout in the cartridge system (that’s why the NES gets the flashy lights and we had to blow the cartridges or do another things for the game to work)… So while the FAMICOM got a lot of shovelware, the NES didn’t get those games unless you had the FAMICOM/NES adapter and knew a FAMICOM games store…

    So it’s ironic that the NES was famous for the strong licensing and quality revisions, and the Wii is now famous for having tons of shovelware, of course the difference is that the industry can take this now, back then it was certain death for the software companies…

  • Tahiri

    Game quality sure means a hell of a lot more than sales

  • Tahiri

    "that 4% is probably of similar numerical size to the 17% of PS3 games…"

    Nope. The actual numbers had PS3 having 3 times the number of 85% or higher rated games than the Wii.

  • As a Mega Man fan, I thought you’d appreciate the story/interview, below (though you may already be aware of it):

  • Andy

    Presumably this is because many Wii games were designed solely around a ‘cool’ Wii feature like swinging a controller, rather than plot/graphics/physics driven games for the more conventional consoles.

    Have to say that going to Howling fjord and specifically clubbing seals was the first thing that came to my mind too. Glad it’s not just me that thought that!