If Scott Johnson can do this then so can I [ COMIC ]

This is a classic comic. It originally ran in January ’07. Due to a busy schedule my plans was to put some sort of filler on the site. But everything I thought of as “filler” was just blah. So I decided to take a cue from the master of Extra Life, Scott Johnson, and run one of Dueling Analogs‘ older comics for a second time. Basically, Scott runs through his classic comics, picks out one he really likes, and reposts it on his site again instead of filler. Now seeing how my audience in January ’07 was less than half of what it is today odds are a lot of you never saw this comic when it originally ran or ever for that matter. So for some of you it’s new and some of you it’s old, but hopefully for all it feels like a seeing an old friend for the first time in a long time… an old friend who’s a cannibalistic serial killer, that is.

So why do I really like this comic? From an art stand point I’ve always loved the treasure chest in second panel, the look of the third panel, and the overall combination of art and color in the entire strip. As far as the humor, though it’s a simple unexpected joke it took a little research to find some good items to put on the list. Want to know where all the items are from? Check out the original comic’s posting.

It’s now Wednesday. The comic was supposed to come out on Monday. And I was doing so good. Sorry for the delay. In the end, I felt this was better than missing an update or postponing Thursday’s comic. But if you still need some more gaming enjoyment… I created this animated short based on a Mitch Donaberger comic he did for 4 color rebellion and here is a Scud: The Disposable Assassin picture I did. It’s gaming. There was a Scud game released for the Sega Saturn. Hope this tides you guys over in the interim. And I will see you tomorrow.