How Guys Interpret Friend Requests [ COMIC ]

My wife won’t give me permission to validate the accuracy of this comic, but here’s a bonus panel!

Bonus PanelBonus Panel


  • BaloogyMcBoy

    Ugh :/ Pretty tired of the whole “All guys want sex all the time” narrative, not saying it isn’t true for some people (men AND women) but it certainly isn’t all guys and it certainly isn’t no women. Have we forgotten the message of Lysistrata so soon?

    • Kal

      it’s facebook, there are only two reasons someone uses facebook
      – they’re a girl
      – they’re a guy stalking a girl

  • BaloogyMcBoy

    Title would probably better be “How I Interpret Friend Requests”, keeps all the same humor without being kinda exclusionist :/

    • Zirra

      Good thing you are here to police the internet and make sure its all politically correct. God forbid something point to stereotypes and make light of it. You know, like every comedian for the last 50 years.

      • IPnPI

        Good thing you are here to police his policing…

        • Zirra

          We must go deeper

          • TheyCallMeTomu

            Insert “That’s what she said” joke.

          • Kipz

            Baloogy is the police… which makes Zirra the police police. So police police police police, but who polices the police police? Do police police police police police police?

          • Phaelin

            Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo

      • Grecko

        I don’t know that suggesting what would “probably be better” is policing.

        • jim

          man i’m glad you were the to police his policing of you’re policing someone else’s policing, and now im policing your 4th level policing…we must go deeper

  • Guy

    I LOLed because i thought the exact same thing last night when I received a friend request from a gurl.

  • jnite

    By itself the joke is kind of meh, but combined with that bonus panel I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

    • If you look closely, Grandma is making a duckface in her selfie.

      • jnite

        No! Grandma! Noooo!!

      • Phaelin

        We have a friend whose grandma tags herself in every picture her relatives post. It’s the weirdest thing ever, and no amount of “please stop doing that” gets through to her.

        I mean, my grandparents don’t even know how to turn a computer on. What the hell?