A Facebook Update in Real Life [ VIDEO ]

Complain and accept. Complain and accept. Using Facebook is a lot like being in an abusive relationship. Complain and accept…

source: YouTube


  • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

    I think you mean ‘complain and accept.’

  • Alastor

    The irony of course is that I found this link on my FaceBook page…

  • yue

    The solution : The use facebook. You ain’t missing anything.

  • Lost

    i think this is the point im happy i dont own a Facebook account. that said it dose feel like my youtube account.. the old style was better then they screwd it again and now i relly dont like it’s… quazie functionailty (i cant see the fucking front page unless i logout)

  • Sigurther

    Haven’t updated since last September and will continue to not do so.