Hawaiian Shirt Day [ COMIC ]

Kind of forgot that yesterday was Father’s Day until my wife and baby girl gave me a really sweet card and even kick arsier Father’s Day present. Thanks!

With that said. I put this quickie together for today. You see, I was riding in the car last week thinking about “Casual Friday(s)” (don’t ask me why). When I imagined plays on the word casual. Now of course I hear casual and immediately think of sex… I mean gaming. Which made me wonder if game testers have “Casual Gaming Fridays”. I know, it’s groan worthy. But what can you expect from someone who thinks this is friggin’ hilarious?

[edit – Tuesday 2:47PM]

I got a cool email from Jon Simantov of Powerhead Games. He told me: “…since every day is casual, some of us have begun the practice of “Formal Fridays”.” Neat and creative. Here’s a link to a blog posting about it if you want to check it out.


See you tomorrow for this week’s comic two of five.