Video Games are like… (Part 3) [ COMIC ]

Sorry for the delay in updating. I think I got con flu at Intervention Con over the weekend and I’m not running at 100% at the moment. In fact, it wasn’t until someone emailed me today that I forgot that I didn’t upload this comic yesterday. As I said, not running at 100% at the moment.

Really hoping to start feeling better so I can get the chance to post about the con before it’s no longer a relevant topic. Until then…


  • bob

    I want more “conent” me too !!!!

  • bidoopoo

    The Neo-Geo, that was the awesome game system that let you save a game in the arcade and play it on your home system, right?

    Why the hell did that never catch on?

    • Sir VG

      Because arcades have been by the wayside for a long time. Nintendo did try something like that with F-Zero GX/AX, but it never took off really in the US either. Granted that’s more likely because of the SERIOUS lack of AX machines…

  • Fuck facebook games. I am so sick of hearing about peoples farmvilles. Its gotten to the point people annoy me outside of their facebook with it.

  • Zombat

    Postal the movie was pretty good

    • Jakk Frost

      Well, you know they say, “700 monkeys typing on 700 typewriters for 700 years, one of them will reproduce Hamlet.”

      Never saw Postal, but if it was that good, it was probably Uwe’s magnum opus, never to be repeated.

    • According to Rotten Tomatoes Postal got 8% out of 100 [source].

  • Randomgamerdude

    I never got why facebook games caught on. I mean, what self respecting person want to go around dressed as some loser farmer with his head to big for his body?

  • Vapoware

    I believe there is hope for a good Uwe Boll movie to exist in the future.
    It will be a tie-in with Duke Nukem Forever.