Goomba with a View [ COMIC ]

Goombas have to be my second favorite Super Mario Bros. villian, only topped by the Ninji. Yup… that’s about it.

Jumping topics, I was initially worried that The Konami Code comic would not be well received… I’m very glad that’s not the case. Especially since the comic took me over 3x as long to do as regular Dueling Analogs comic would have taken.

Some of you have been wondering about merchandise from that comic… here’s the breakdown: shirts/no, posters/yes. Granted the poster is still a little while off, it will be release in that format. As far as shirts go, I plan to do one of the last panel from the iSmack that Ass comic, one with Karnov and one with the Neo Geo… also I’ve got buttons, as soon as I get off my lazy bum and finish them.